The Tuesday Stat Attack: 18 Czech Republic 15th February 2022

…and: Even though it is an ‘industrial’ brewery, a visit to the ‘Pilsner Urquell’ brewery in Pilsen is a must. You will never forget the walk through the deep. deep brewery-cellars. ‘crowned’ by a glass of unfiltered fresh PU from giant wooden barrels, Highly recommended!


I’ve only been the once back for a 3 day visit to Prague in the summer of 2001. Highly enjoyed it. Stunning all round.
My main beer memory is of just how cheap the excellent beer (can’t remember which) was back then, in a local bar a few streets from the centre a round of 4 beers came to just £1.

Since I’ve got into rating beers I’ve only had 11, very poor effort, but then again I’ve just not come across then and when I have like at Kris Wines a few years back, I’ve always brought a bottle.
Top - Herold Tmavé Silné / Speciální Pivo 13° (Czech Black Lager) 3.6
followed by - Klášter Tmavé Výčepní (Dark Beer) 10°, Pilsner Urquell & Herold Světlý Březnický Ležák 12° (Czech Premium Lager) on 3.4

I’ve 6 /14 regions with 5 ratings from Central Bohemia

I’m very tempted in recent years by another visit, possibly in the winter as I would love to see more of the country.