Unable to login in - ISSUE RESOLVED

Hi @services I am unable to login on the website.
My password is ok. But I come back to the initial page.
I changed my password but it is still the same !
I am on Safari ; with Firefox too. On my other computer, I can’t even log to the forum.

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Same here. I’ll try again in an hour or two!

@VDuquerroux and @Garrold

Can you detail exactly the steps you’ve taken? Does it return an error message?

Services @ RateBeer

It looks ok at first, with the green circle giving a little hope, but then just returns to the home page requiring log in.

Can you clear the cookies and try again?

I come back to this page : https://www.ratebeer.com

Thanks, and it doesn’t look like you’re logged in… hmm

@VDuquerroux and @Garrold - While I’m looking into what’s breaking here, I’ve found a temporary work-around (at least it worked for me).

Go to https://www.ratebeer.com/places/ and the login from that page. It should work.

Services @ RateBeer

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yes indeed, it works :slight_smile:


Same issue and workaroud does not work

I made two gifs to show the issue, but are too big to be posted here. Let me know where I can send them, so you can better investigate.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have the same problem, but seems to work when doing the workaround. Even if it might be a bit annoying to have to go to places to login.

@rauchbierlover Could you try emailing them to services@ratebeer.com ?


The bug might be visual in a weird way. Or it’s a different bug but.

*When I logged in through the regular site, it still offered me the Login and Sign Up buttons on the front page. Same when I clicked on the forums (though not for the forums). I could sign up “eternally” that way, with the same results.

*When I got to the legacy site, it asked me to log in again, as it always does nowadays (:sigh:). I did, and after the legacy login kicked me back to the front page as it always does nowadays (:sigh: 2), there was my avatar, finally.

*Above the forums, however, the Login / Sign Up buttons remain.

Latest Firefox, Windows 10.

@Marko right now for some odd reason, signing up via Legacy seems to work, whereas via any other portal and it doesn’t… (which is why I said try via places)…

There are no errors getting thrown on any of the services either…which doesn’t bode well.

Services @ RateBeer

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Workaround worked for me @services. I had rated a beer and looked at the 2020 awards pages when I got the login page. It then logged me out and I logged in 3 times and got sent to the home page each time.

Not able to log in as well, work around doesn’t work for me either, at least not permanently. I get logged out again if I switch to certain other pages.

I am logged in, but it keeps prompting me to login on desktop.

We are working on fixing this issue, I do apologise for all the inconvenience it’s currently causing.

Services @ RateBeer

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I tried, but it could not be delivered