Unwelcome advice

I’m posting in a thread, and I notice this message pop up:

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 21% of the replies here.

Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?


If a forum needs that kind of nanny advice, I don’t think I’d be posting on it in the first place.


Sorry. That was meant for me, I’m sure.

That is the biggest load of shit I have ever seen on Ratebeer. Seriously fucked up.

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This made me laugh.

There should be responses that are more tailored to the Ratebier crowd, such as:

  • This topic is weak shit. Are you sure that others won’t scroll past?
  • Let others join the conversation. You sound like Tibeerious on an OTM rant.

This post is neither blank nor a long tirade, are you sure it’s a complete sentence?

This topic is similar to 46 other randomgarbage posts started by @AdamChandler

Thanks. That means a lot to me.

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I got the same message but scored 36% !

This is actually helpful to me as I am unable to post on a forum with the correct percentage of input. Thank you, Ratebeer, for helping me navigate my way through this scary world.

I too received such advice on a thread I started and replied many times to others comments. I took the advice and the thread died a short but lonely death with all interest withering without water or sustenance from me, the original author.

I cried that night!

I also note I have been shafted back to blackhaddock1 by the robot thingy auto-uncorrect admin machine from BlackHaddock. I am losing interest with this bloody site.


Is there a badge for getting this? I want in!

Can I get it…?

…this post should take me to over 21%…

Damnit, no message. @discobot, where’s my message?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@discobot why haven’t I got one of these warnings on the Ashes thread

Just posting to muck with peoples percentages in this thread. #trolling. :slight_smile:

How come @discobot didn’t reply to Rich’s message? What has Rich done to upset him/her/it?

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It only shows up every 3rd message - @discobot @discobot @discobot

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