Unwelcome advice

…oddly direct and condescending

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Yeah this is dumb. I think it’s built into the software and I’m not sure if admins have the option to turn it off or not.

In my opinion it should only show if someone is making multiple posts in a row (i.e. spamming). I know that you got shown this message in my UK bottleshop thread and all your posts there are legit so I agree it was totally unnecessary… an inherent problem when you automate things like this based purely on percentages.

Interestingly, I have by far the most posts in that thread yet I have never been shown such a message, possibly because I started the thread? Seems weird.

I posted twice in a row. Something I have frequently done on many forums I visit, for several reasons. I often visit rarely, so want to comment on several different responses. Or sometimes I want to make several different points, and rather than muddle one post, I use several. Sometimes it’s purely because I’m doing a long comment, and it can make it easier for people to read if it is delivered in bite sized chunks. Long posts can sometimes result in people responding with TLDR.

2nd post

3rd post - and yep, I get a message:

Consider replying to several posts at once

Rather than several replies to a topic in a row, please consider a single reply that includes quotes from previous posts or @name references.

You can edit your previous reply to add a quote by highlighting text and selecting the quote reply button that appears.

It’s easier for everyone to read topics that have fewer in-depth replies versus lots of small, individual replies.

Who wrote this garbage? It’s not even grammatically correct. I think the intended meaning is: “it’s easier to read threads that have a few in-depth replies rather than many short replies.”

That is a personal viewpoint which flies in the face of researched understanding of how people read, and why TLDR is a common forum response, and why teachers use the “bite-sized” approach to education.

It’s like Candyman. Chant @discobot five times and he shows up in your house and infects your beer haul.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Sounds like your posts are too many

Lots of people getting their feeling hurt here…

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Late submission but this is my entry for post of the year