Web site release 1.5.1

Here are the recent updates on the web site

  1. Toggle on new rating flow
  2. Update Beer Card info after Rating event
  3. Remove Android Banner and Cookie Consent from Rate and Review page
  4. Update Marketplace translations

Uh oh that new rating system is back. Here come the pitchforks!

I assume this is part of the new rollout:


I just ignore that it is in German again despite I want in english…

“Fass” and “Vom Fass” is the same. Maybe Crowler/Grwolers.

And the “Standort”/Location option is not well thought through because you type in a place but dont see the city where it is located so for many places with similiar names it will be impossible to pick the correct one.



Well, I just submitted a rating using it and as usual made a dumb typo, went back to edit it and thankfully it actually worked this time, so at least that’s fixed.

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Just so you know those options are given as “Cask” and “Tap” in English.

Yeah I agree I think Crowler/Growler should be added to this. Also maybe “Taster” for people who rate on a single sip of beer.


Now that I can see the English terminology I understand why we have twice “Fass”. There is no proper translation for the meaning of Cask into german.

Just for fun:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Any suggestions?


The normal usage may render it bizarre in the beer container context, but there’s a certain logic here.

Distinguishes sizes - one bigger than the other. Which was often a distinguishing separation between keg and cask until craft brewers started using very small kegs.

Granted the certain logic is minimal, but …

Cask is more a serving style than a container.

Never heard of the size separation in this context.

As I said there is no proper translation as almost no place i Germany serves beer „cask style“. Cask originates from the UK and so we acknowledge the heritage and just say „cask ale“ or „real ale“. No German expression. Hence I suggest to leave it with Cask, anyone with a small enthusiasm for beer should know what is meant.

New rating system: @joet kindly read Why | instead of numbers?

UT-esque. Categories broken down though. Meh.

Fût and Pression means the same thing. To keep the same order as the English version it should be Cask, Fût, Canette, Bouteille.

And please, at least put numbers on those slide bars having to guest where to click is counter productive…


Having to focus the mind on the divisions of the line compared to the line total is a math exercise designed to postpone the onset of dementia!


Do they realize everyone who is using this is drinking?


Hi @joet.

Sorry if I step in, but I have a suggestion for the italian translation as well.


Gusto and Sapore in Italian mean both “Taste”. I would use “Palato” instead of “Sapore”, makes more sense to an italian audience. :wink:

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After 17 years I still have to understand the meaning of “palate” on RB; internet says that it’s similar to flavour "in which case “palato” would be ok in Italian), but it seems that people on RB consider palate to represent the body/structure feeling of the beer, in which case “corpo” would do in Italian.
In any case, change “Sapore”.


Right. “Corpo” would be even better

sentire la bocca for mouthfeel?

I really dislike the sliders. They’re supposed to speed things up but they are actually slowing me down.