Wetherspoons Autumn Real Ale festival

For what it’s worth, the beer list is up:
Real ale festival Wed 11 – 22 Oct 2023 - J D Wetherspoon.

I am still a ‘Real Ale’ man at heart and that list looks fine to me. Plenty of new or one off brews to try, will keep my ratings ticking along nicely too.



It’d just be nice if occasionally they introduced some different breweries. I might stick my head in once or twice to try to pick up some of the Scottish and Welsh ones along with the Salopian one to boost my region stats though.


What’s the status of the foreign ones that are actually brewed as guest beers in the UK? I would have liked a South African tick, but it is actually brewed at Banks.

All the foreign ones will be entered as collaborations brewed at the UK brewery that’s brewing it - so the “South African” one will actually be a West Midlands tick.

Easy enough to get yourself a South African tick anyway - Sxollie cider is stocked at loads of UK supermarkets (from a very quick online search it looks like you can get it at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose at least.

I’ve added all the beers that are new to RB, but there are 3 where the fest versions are different to the ones currently on the database. I’ll leave it up to one of the admins to take a call on whether we need a new version, or just need to update the existing entry…

  1. Adnams Nut Brown
    Existing entry is 3.2%, fest version is 4%. Fest version also has hops (Ekuanot, Jester) that didn’t exist when the original reviews were entered for this beer, so it appears to be a completely different recipe. Based on the reviews, I’m guessing that the new recipe and higher ABV was released in 2017 - I’d suggest splitting this one with reviews up to July 2017 being left on the old entry, and reviews from August 2017 onwards being moved to a new entry (if the admins don’t want to split it, it definitely needs the ABV updating):

  2. Lancaster Harlequin
    Existing version on database is called Harlequin Pale, and is 4.3%. Fest version is called Harlequin (ie without the “Pale”) and is 5%. I’d suggest the admins just change the name & ABV of this one & add a note documenting the change?

  3. Wychwood King Goblin
    Existing version is 6% and contains goldings (amongst other hops). Fest version is 6.6% & no longer contains goldings (but other hops are the same). I’d suggest this isn’t a sufficient enough ABV/ recipe change to warrant a split, & just needs the ABV updating & a note adding to document this?

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