1/2 year 2018 beer goals check?!

Is there any tread for this subject?
Here is the link to the 2018 etc goal lists: https://community.ratebeer.com/t/2018-beer-goals-2017-year-in-review/2345


Just had sake futsu-shu last night so some progress there and found some infused I can get once I want to bite bullet so progress there.

In a trade with a new country tick in it so that’ll be good.

No progress on new regions need to get to UK

Great progress on new breweries moving somewhere new will do that.


I’m up to 15 now, having hit 100 ratings for :hungary: Hungary and :estonia: Estonia. I fully expect to finish off :czech_republic: Czechia and :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland this year, with what I hope to be some notable progress for :ireland: Ireland, :portugal: Portugal, and :switzerland: Switzerland.

20 will probably be out of my grasp, but we shall see!

Yikes. This isn’t happening. I’m stuck on 98. Unless I go for a trade or find a gold mine of new countries, I am completely screwed here.

No progress here either, but I see a couple of countries that could get past the threshold this year, including :iceland: Iceland and :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales. A trip to a new country would also probably get me over the hump on the h-index.


2018 Goals

  1. 1000 more ratings of California beers.
    Well on my way. ( I went to check “My 2017 in Beer” but that link is, of course, broken)
  2. Rate some damn places. Get to 300 total (currently at 212).
    I continue to shit the bed here… only 3 new ratings so far
  3. Visit Tijuana and rate some beers.
    This is still on deck
  4. Five homebrew batches.
    None yet, BUT, I do plan on starting some mead this summer
  5. Buy zero bombers/750s.
    Nailing it
  6. Don’t pay over $1/ounce for any beer.
    Nailing it
  7. Stay on top of my very local places and make sure all new beers get added/rated.
    I could be doing better, I suppose. I’m still the only one visiting these places
  8. Enter the top 100 raters (currently at 108).
    Currently at 104, but I’ve been as high as 101. There are quite a few inactive folks in front of me, so it looks like there’s a good chance I’m in the top 100 by the end of the year.
  9. Rate something over 4.5 (highest this year was 4.3).
    I did this! https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/artifex-feeling-colors/589730/65375/
  10. 5 new State/Place ratings (currently at 26).
    None yet, I’ll probably get 2

2018 Goals: written on 22nd Dec 2017

Stay top dog in Shropshire (338 rates so far).
Add some more English County’s onto my ‘Region Place Reviews’ (34 so far).
Drink around the World (130 currently).
Add some more Regions sampled (117 so far).
Drink a little less ‘crap’ and drink a little more ‘good stuff’.

Still top dog in Shropshire (now 359 rates)
Regional Place Reviews for England up one to thirty five (must try harder)
Drinking around the world, now on 136, so up 6 so far.
Regions still sits at 117, struggling with this.
I am drinking less ‘crap’, but i do slip up sometimes.

So, not too bad really.



I just got my 100th German rating yesterday, that was pretty exciting. My goals overall are nothing I plan to realistically achieve, just continue getting 10 of each style. Almost at 2,500, as well, which may be my last rating.

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"First time resolver:

Get to 100 state rates for Washington, New Hampshire, Missouri. Reach goals would include DC, Texas, and Delaware.

  • almost at 100 with WA, making progress with MO. Got Texas and Florida in the bag. NH, DE, and DC seem unlikely.

Get five more countries (don’t know how I will do this). Cayman Islands only one I know I will visit.

  • to my surprise, I got this and exceeded it.

Visit each NYC brewery that I have not yet (missing Bronx, Kills Boro, Fifth Hammer, Circa, Randolph’s, and maybe a few others).

  • Still need to go to Bronx, Torch and Crown and Alewife, if and when it atarts brewing this year.

Drink more than 24 new beers per beer festival… seems like a missed opportunity.

  • to my wife’s chagrin, I have been clearing this, but not reaching Euro-ticker levels.

Get past 100 for Sweden… don’t think any others are likely this year unless I get a Russian haul.

  • I am at 99 so this will happen. Wife going to Russia soon, so we’ll see what she gets.
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Have met a couple more, and travled to 3 new countries.

Done and done.

Not sure how many styles I had less than 20 ratings in the beginning of the year, but I’m sure I have managed to get about 5 or more styles over 20 ratings this year already. Currently I have 9 styles that have less than 20 ratings.

Work in progress. Still 6 left. Probably will not make it this year, since there is no RBESG and no other way to get all 6 of them in sensible manner.

Not sure this will happen…

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I guess not yet as July 1st (or 2nd), you know, we will be halfway through the year :wink:.

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goals for 2018:

  • 8k overall


  • Schlenkerla Grand Slam

Made Fastenbier and Kräusen; Urbock and Eiche to go

  • 10 of each style

finished last week, finally!

  • and hitting 100 countries

at 94 countries; I still have 2 in the cellar and I’m confident I’ll find another 4 by the end of the year.

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Exactly! :wink:

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1. Get as close to 1000 as possible - min. 850.
Well on my way, and will probably hit 850 this Summer. Not going to force 1000 though. I’d much rather enjoy each beer and not just tick them.
2. Visit at least two festivals.
One down, another one lined up.
3. Have at least 1 tick of each beer style + half of the Sake styles.
Very close in terms of beer styles, but I sidelined Sake. I’ll probably end up missing 3-4 styles by the end of the year, which is okay.
4. Get up to 50 countries.
Not gonna happen, but I don’t really care anymore. Still trying to score new countries along the way, but I’d much rather get there naturally then by forcing it.
5. Get as many of the Austria Top 50 as possible.
27/50 right now, at least 35/50 should be doable.
6. Get as many of the Austrian Zwickel/Keller/Landbier as possible
Lost focus on this, but this is something I still want to achieve - although it’s not a measurable goal in the way I phrased it. Let’s say "Get at least 25 of the Top 50 Austrian Zwickel/Keller/Landbier."

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  1. Visit more Ohio and West Virginia breweries.

Visited several new Ohio breweries, but only one new West Virginia ones. Hopefully that will change as the year goes on.

  1. Increase H Index in states, countries, and styles.

States hasn’t increased, but all orhers have at least by two. State H Index is close and will be there by the end of the month with a visit to Arizona.

  1. Join the top 50 place raters.

Making progress here, but not there yet.

  1. Reach 100 rates in more states

Progress has been made, but no new ones yet. Hoping to at least get a couple new ones by the end of the year.

  1. Reach 70 country rates

Picked up two new countries so far. This is the one I have the least confidence in completing.

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  1. A white month in Jan, started! - 1/2 Done!
  2. 11 new countries, currently at 169 so 180
  • 1/2, 177 so close. Have a package on the way to me so soon at 179.
  1. 30 new Swedish breweries, currently 284.
    -1/2, 298, so half way there, will be issues with this one, not many local are poping up.
  2. Drink less low rated beers, current average 3,24 - 1/2. 3.25 in the right direction;)
  3. H-index for countries up to 30, sitting at 24 now. Tough target and probably many bad beers.- 1/2 have done great efforts the last couple of days, will reach 25 today. Hope to reach 26, by next fortnight vs going to Croatia.
    Have a friend over to Iceland week 26 - so 27 by week 27. How to reach cpl targets, no clues?
  4. Fix the 10 of each style, now -unblended lambic: eight German Kristall: seven, Faro: five - 1/2 Unb. Lambic - 9. Faro - five! Probably will not happen.
  5. H- index for styles up to 50, at 45 now - 1/2. 46, 47 with in a forthnight .
  6. Improve on regions 103 to 110. -1/2, currently 105, box that are on its way will improve this significantly.


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#1 rater of Surrey beers and breweries. Get into decent figures for Hampshire and Berkshire.

Tick off all Styles - just need to track down some Lambic - Unblended.

More Protz 300 ticks - need to arrange a trips to Manchester and Birmingham for work. The latter has to be soon as I am after two winter seasonals.

Otherwise, just keep ticking.

Currently #2 for Surrey ticks. On 143 compared to @theydon_bois at 151. Could do it this week if I went and bought a load of shitty Golden Ales. #31 for Berks, but I have a few bottles that’ll see me go up a few places, and #17 for Hants. The latter should be higher seeing as Hampshire is my home county/where I work and drink but up in NE Hants you don’t see that many Hamsphire breweries, it’s all Surrey and Berks.

#1 for Surrey breweries. Would have rated all of the active breweries but the only place I’ve found that stocked anything from Beaer’s Brewery refunded my entire order. #11 for Berks and #9 for Hants.

Ticked off all styles, thanks to an order from Mikeller.

Think I’ve only managed 3 or so Protz ticks. Now on the ones that don’t tend to travel.

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Ha … I was on 140+ Surrey ticks when I moved out of Surrey best part of 3.5 years ago in January 2015.

Can’t beleive I’ve hung on that long but goes to show there aren’t many Surrey breweries and those there are are very trad and don’t distribute very far, Hogsback aside.

2018 Beer Goals:

  1. Reach 1900 Spanish beers, actually I have 1494. Solution: attend more beer-festivals.
    Right now 1695. I’m quite sure that it is possible :white_check_mark:
  2. Reach 4900 different ratings, actually I have 4193. Solution: drink more beer than 2017
    Right now 4746. It is possible 100% :white_check_mark:
  3. Reach 100 different countries, actually I have 92. Solution: more trades are mandatory
    Done!!! :heavy_check_mark: At this moment 107 different countries
  4. Reach 90 different regions rated, actually I have 74. Solution: trades + travels
    Difficult to reach 90 different regions. Nowadays 80 different regions. I should perform more trades with UK RBeerians :grey_question:
  5. Reach 20 countries with almost 50 ratings, actually I have 14.
    Actually I have 15 countries with almost 50 ratings. I should drink beer from: Finland (48), Poland (40), Israel (33), Slovak Rep. (32) and Estonia (28) :grey_question:
  6. Attend to an European Beer festival
    Quite difficult, almost imposible, but who knows… :x:
  7. Perform more trades with another European Rbeerians
    Done!!! :heavy_check_mark:. One in 2017; 7 in 2018
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I’d honestly forgotten about these!

  1. Yep, well on track to easily do this. I said I’d be trying to slow my pace down a bit but it’s remained the same.
  2. I ticked off 4 of the 7 I needed. Remaining 3 I can acquire relatively easily but it’s a low priority, will probably happen naturally over time, don’t really care if it’s done this year.
  3. Denmark on 79 is currently closest. 21 more beers needed and I have 18 in my stash (yes it’s mostly Mikkeller and To Ol). Not putting any effort into this one the main reason for getting all these bottles was FOMO.
  4. Almost done! Just need a Scottish Ale now. Malt Liquor was easy but I don’t see myself ever buying one again. The Sahti I rated is debatable but so far no admin has seen fit to change it so all good for now. I have an Unblended Lambic currently in my stash so that’ll be ticked off soon.
  5. I was deliberately vague due to having no intentions of travelling this year, but thanks to a fruitful trade with @herrklemann I was able to tick off 3 more countries which was nice and finally pushed me over the ‘70 wall’ which seems so difficult to break.

Another goal I didn’t post there was to start trading with other RB members. I have done this twice now with a third lined up in the coming months


Always happy to be of assistance!