Aslin ABV Guidance

Gents -

My research is done and a solution is in! For the stouts that are being re-released at 15% ABV, a new beer needs to be created to reflect this and the old version amended and retired. Please use Mexican Hot Chocolate as a reference since I just fixed that one to be the model.

If you are entering new 15% versions and rating, then please ping me and I can close out the old ones and move any rates already entered that are for the new listing.

Andy Mac

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For any beer that was only available in a single year, use the Orchid entry as the model. Thanks to @DCLawyer for pointing out the error of my ways.

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I am here to help.

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With these Aslins, make sure you double check the ABV before rating. I picked up an Orchid recently only to realize it was from a 10% batch, not the new 15% version.

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Tastes about the same, but just slightly more boozier if I’m not mistaken.

Might be worth having them side-by-side if that’s possible? Or if you have nothing to do the following morning…

Should the new Elder Scrolls beers indicate they’re as such? The Game of Thrones beers on here all include the title of the show. Untappd includes the title.

I’m fine without it, but just wanted to throw this question out there.

I don’t think this is a “Special Drops” situation.

Agreed, I think the naming convention should be Aslin Elder Scrolls: Sweet Roll…

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