Wild Goose?

I see Snow Goose and WG IPA are back. Contract brewed by Oliver. Flying dog sold the name/rights to this MD. old timer ? How do i add this beer? Looks like a few folks have just rated it under the Flying Dog name. Was surprised to see it back. Brings back some fond memories.

this might need to just be moved from one brewery to the other

Seems a little more involved? Looks as though Wild Goose is back in business though the beers are contract brewed for now. Guess i need to do some research. Contact Flying Dog first I suppose. Drrrrrrrink up!

Update, Folks at WG hope to be brewing their own in a couple years. :grinning:

Folks at Flying Dog tell me that they sold the WG brand/name a few years ago so i would think that would need changed first. Trying to get more info from the new owner of WG. Looks like they’ll be based in Easton MD. Silly, aren’t I ?

I remember them relatively fondly from my early days in craft beer. Glad to hear they’re making a comeback. Hopefully the beers will be good!