Beer hotel hype

Shower beer fridges? What next I wonder, a beer swimming pool?

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Why not?

Visited this place 10 + years ago (before joining Ratebeer) and had a beer spa.

Some places in Prague offers beer spa’s now, havent visited any of them tho.
Having tried it, not really tempted.

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Who wants to drink a beer while they’re checking in their hotel, getting keys, wi-fi code, picking up luggage that keeps falling over. It’s the part of the hotel I want to spend the least amount of time in.

Also, who wants to drink a beer in the shower? It takes me 3 minutes max to take a shower. In and out done. I don’t want to peruse the beer fridge, faff about with a bottle opener and rest the beer on the most slippery surfaces in the entire building.

Is this a hotel for alcoholics?


I hear Adrian Chiles has already booked a room… :umbrella:

How will we add this place to Ratebeer? :roll_eyes:

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Don’t be daft.

My wife’s cousin got married at Belhurst Castle in the finger lakes of NY its a vineyard. They had wine spouts in hallways of hotel and in some of the nicer rooms. I enjoyed especially spending few days with inlaws constant access to wine helped.