Beer Prices

Just went into my local Total Wine in Washington state, and it seems that beer prices have gone crazy as of late. I know that there was talk about Trump’s aluminum tariffs causing a jump, but this is ridiculous. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

This is a subjective sort of thing. Prices are fact, but response to prices? I’m kind of shocked paying as much for a single can as I used to pay for a sixer. Au fond, craft is not cheap! But I’m not going to buy a case of Budshit. If the tariffs add a penny a can we won’t notice it. But it will cut the brewer’s margin. But they can always go back to glass!

Its nothing to do with the tariffs…Oregon and WA used to be cheap for microbrews…i guess retailers just figured out we had too much of a good thing…nwo we go down the depressing route of the rest of the nation

Hops, barrels, taproom space - all increasing in use - and the drive to get some profit in the business - if we want cheap beer, well, we know what that is.

I let you guys have at it and be drinking Lieberth Kellerbier for 2.30 Euros ($2.69, tax included) per half litre.


Food included?


Double that price in the US and you could get the coveted Bud Light.

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And seems like NW far exceeds the prices sometimes. I’ve been saving money for years to buy a single bottle of Cascade. Also saving for the two pounds of Tums I’ll need to quiet down my stomach after drinking the pure acid.