BotM - June’23 - Pils

Cheers. Apparently I have to write more to make a thread.


Always with the fad styles.

I don’t know how it is in other places, but it’s been noticeable here for a year or two that many craft breweries’ pils have moved away from “something that won’t scare the casual drinker” to something rather more ambitious. Unhappily this tends to come with a A$10+ a can price tag, but you can’t have it all.

I am assuming that is $10 for a 4-pack, which is still pricier than I want to pay.

Not sure if there’s much beer you can get here for A$10 a 4 pack. This pils is A$12 for 440ml. About US$8 each. There are more appealing beers and there are discounts for multiples (including multiple singles). But beer is expensive here - to the extent that it makes fancy beer more appealing, since crap beer is expensive.

Does Czech style pilsner count? Was really impressed with and honestly: was good as well, despite claiming to be “pale lager”.

I’m drinking more pils/lager now than I have in years. It’s good.


Same here but probably for more obvious reasons :rofl:.

Pils is one of my go-to styles now, really fallen in love with it.

Moritz Fiege Pils, a very crisp and hop-forward but classic Pils from Bochum, Germany, the place where the late pivnizub used to live. It’s his highest rated German-style Pils at 4.3 and I get why. Cheers Günter!


Had a fine pils last night from my of my favourite UK breweries.


A new one for me, not so flash.

And one of the newish breed of more ambitious local pils:

Funny bent world cup glass in foreground, World Test Championship final in background.


Payed $4 for a can of Pils. As long as I get my smoked Gose month…

Pretty classic if slightly sweet local rendition.


Really nice beer, the coffee takes center stage though. Lager culture has been on the rise for the last five years for sure. Whereas it used to be common to get off lagers at microbreweries, I am now expecting World Class stuff. Will try and get some more traditional stuff up as well.


Drinkable, not off, but nothing that great about it either. Easy, soft on the palate. Less than 10 dollars a six pack.


Classic zesty noble hops. Really good stuff. 10 dollars a six pack.


At Hana Koa brewing in Honolulu, I had a Japanese Rice Pils, called Party Boy Pils. It was not very good but a somewhat novel take on the style.

While I am on about this, Human Robot is cranking out regional pils variations (or making them up), like the Slovenian Pils and East German Pils (collab with Wild East). The former was spectacular, but the latter mediocre.

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Love that glass

Did you buy this in PA?

Yeah, picked it up at the brewery circa 2001.

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Kees Bohemian Dream. Calls itself a Bohemian-Style Lager, but at 39 IBU I think it can be regarded as a Pils. Quite aromatic due to the use of Bobek and Saaz. Quite solid!


Pilsener is my 6th highest style and has been coming on strong this past year, surpassing Hazy DIPA by 9 rates now and only see that lead expanding. I’ll be playing this evening……suspense

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