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This one looks like some work needs to be done as if you look at original cask done in 2011 it was IPA - Black. At some point that should have been retired and a new entry as a stout should have been created. Going to take a bit of research but expect your entry to be moved.

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t check the entry properly -Salopian have a habit of switching styles (possibly without altering the beer), similar situation with Polygraph, originally Black Ops but renamed after a US brewery warned them about copyright or something like that, was certainly a Black IPA originally but now a stout (it’s a fine line between the two)

Honestly reading some of those older ratings it sounds like their “black IPA” may have been so poorly hopped it may as well have been a stout! And perhaps that’s why they later labeled it as such, there may not have ever even been a recipe change! Sorry, being cynical, I do like Salopian.
For what it’s worth, Salopian changed the style themselves on Untappd. But I suspect reaching out to them would be the best bet here. I spent some time searching their socials as well as google but couldn’t actually find anything on the original BIPA other than what’s already in the description here on RB.

Editing to add: 2015 is potentially the point where it became a stout. Possibly might want to create a new beer (as a stout) and move ratings from there onwards. Then retiring the BIPA. Will update this post if I find any further info but it’s looking bleak short of contacting them directly.


That was my plans, just haven’t sat down to really do admin stuff today with it being holidays.


I don’t know why all you pube to keyboard warriors talk to a barrista/barman and believe it to be gospel.

Original South Island Pale Ale made on B&S Kit: Ex-pale maris otter and oats make the perfect base for rakau, vic secret and nelson sauvin hops for a fruitful and fragrant pale ale

TBH should have been retired and not aliased. This was literally their first released beer and no citra cryo.

Snark Pale Ale and Goddards Island Pale Ale: Delicate pale ale with pleasant bitterness. Antipodean hops, Rakau, Vic Secret and Nelson Sauvin finished with a pop of Citra cryo.

Duplicate entry, needs deleted:

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Deleted, but moved the pic and the description to the other entry.

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Can someone amend the name of this ležák to include the diacritics?

@Marko, perhaps?

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Done! :slight_smile:

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Hi, some dupes:

Magnoni • RateBeer
Garage Magnoni • RateBeer

Península, Hazy Vibes Remix • RateBeer
Península Hazy Vibes Remix: Columbus & Amarillo / Sabro & El Dorado • RateBeer


Ooof, I was literally maybe half an hour too late for Magnoni at Fakin in Zagreb after it was on for weeks. :frowning: Maybe for the best! :smiley:


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Tap Out was a collaboration between Aslin and People Like Us, these are likely duplicates:

Borroworrob seems to be the correct name, these are likely duplicates:

The Saision in the “3 Stars” entry (lacking the beer name) is most likely the Urban Farmhouse, as that was the ubiquitous sasion they made:

“Beltway Blood Orange HOV” is a duplicate of “Beltway HOV (Blood Orange)”

Beltway Batting 1000 was renamed/rebranded Beltway District of Champs (from their website: Batting 1000 should be aliased and reviews moved to District of Champs. The name should also be corrected to be “Beltway District of Champions”

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Here’s a few more, updating for consistency.

Rename to “Beltway Abstract Vision: Strawberry”

Rename to “Beltway Abstract Vision: Blueberry”

Rename to “Beltway Abstract Vision: Passionfruit Orange Guava”

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is a duplicate of

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I guess this one
is an alias of this

I did not find the Wiener Lager at the brewery website, only Landl Bier.
Wiener lager seems to be added at UT recently in Norway

Here’s a few duplicates:

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Pretty sure these are the same beer (or the same not beer as the case may be):

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Looks like I got the name of this one wrong when I entered it. It should be “Oak” not “Boat”.

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This one is a flavoured IPA.

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