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The taproom manager told me it was a different beer, which is why I added it. NJ doesn’t really have any active admins I don’t think.


The Oat Fluffed version is without lactose. Since the intention is that it’s a different beer as well, let’s keep it.

And all other Oat Fluffed versions they will release.

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Duplicate entry, needs merging to original entry:

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Done… someone had actually verified the duplicate though it’s a very obvious dupe… This should’ve been caught then and there.

Hi, I was a bit worst for wear last night and added this:

Sadly it’s really called Attic Brew Co Ritual, could some one please alter my mistake, thanks.


It seems this beer is no longer produced.

These are duplicates, I think:

Hi -

This one accidentally saved when I was in the middle of entering it:

Style: Pale Lager - International / Premium
ABV: 5%
DNK Lager
Medium Body / Slightly Bitter / Balanced

From their menu for reference:


UK Admins - drinking a cask Dark Star Hophead at Old Joint Stock in Brum. Site says it’s out of business. What’s up?

This should be Hocus Pocus Reality Czech.

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Have spotted the following:

This is a seemingly a duplication of Ch’ti Blonde:

Not sure why the description for this beer states Blueberry Gose, it says Kettle Sour on the can and, “closer to a Berliner Weisse,” on the Advent Calendar website. No mention of Gose.

This is an IPA - Flavored (the other version is already on here under said style):

This is Imperial:

Seem to remember that White Stouts get added as Flavored - Other?

The description on the can reveals that this is a colab with the Italian brewery Calibro 22.

This is Flavored - contains Port:

This states IPA on the bottle:

This is a Pale Ale - Australian /NZ:

This beer was added under wrong brewery. It’s a duplicate of this beer

I was hoping for a new Hants tick, a Commissioner called Ethnic Brands. However I now see that it’s Andwell Brewery’s marketing company. They distribute UK versions of various beers/ciders.

So this cider is actually just the UK version of this one. Could it be aliased, please:

The German version of the Toffee one is not on RB yet. Guessing it’s this, with 0.01% difference in stated ABV?

I understand there is disagreement about whether non-Senne Valley lambic or “lambic style” is a thing. But even so, this clearly is not a gueuze: it says it’s a blend of a saison and a spontaneous[ly fermented] beer. And explains how

In recent years, “Bière de Coupage” has become synonymous with a style of beer as much as the historical method, and is most typically used to describe a blend of young, hoppy saison with older spontaneous beer.

I inadvertently added this beer to the Portland brewery but the can was clearly labeled as brewed in the Corrales NM brewery. Please move the Beer to that location. Ex Novo Core Sample IPA.

Below posted by @Taboada 22 days ago but not yet actioned (Architecture is the correct spelling on the first one, but Hieroglyphics isn’t spelt correctly in either of the bottom two entries!).

Some dupes:


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Fixed, thanks! Sorry @Taboada - missed it somehow!

I see the 2x incorrect Hieroglyphics was verified by the same admin. :confused: Come on people, verification isn’t just clicking the box, it’s checking if every bit of available info you can check is correct and killing duplicates / aliasing if needed… This is just creating more and more work for others…

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Hmm, for some reason we do not separate between the different Ex Novo facilities - there are place entries for the 3 places, only one brewery entry.

Dark Star beers are now brewed by Fullers following closure of Dark Star brewery. (Hophead has been brewed there for years)

My can of this Dick Macks beer clearly states that it was brewed and packaged by White Hag.

So should this listing be moved under Fuller’s?