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Oh, and the Ex Novo Core Sample which shows that I have rated, does not appear in the list of NM beers that I have rated.

It should now

Thanks Marko. All looks good.

These two are the same beer:

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Looks like this one is a stray for

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This is Pale Ale - Flavored:

Also I omitted the icky in sticky:

And this is a collab with Good Chemistry:

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These two beers are the same:

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Could have sworn I added this as an IPA - English but just noticed that it’s down as a bitter:

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Low Tide / Exale Ohana should be put under Lowtide Brewing (Crafty AF Ltd).

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Sorry, apparently spelling “England” is beyond me.

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There is one beer that appears to be Corrales-only beer: Ex Novo Stay Goalden. The can says it is brewed in Corrales and the can features a logo for New Mexico United

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Done, just please try to provide links to the beers you want edited - that helps us a lot, thank you. :slight_smile:

And thank you for the picture, that’s looking good. :smiley:

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These 2 are the same beer:

Cheers, Simon

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Thanks Simon! Sadly, another case where the two identical beer entries were verified by the same person 15 days between each other - verification meaning among other things that the beer verifiably isn’t a straight-up duplicate of another beer, so it slipped below the radar of the very lively UK admin force…

Wonder how the rater who added it didn’t pick up on the original entry as well… So who knows what was up with that.

Still, fixed now, rating moved, tags added! :slight_smile:


The other bevs from this lot are unratable.- they’re not fermented. So presumably the same should apply here.

And maybe a note saying not to add new beers?

you mean verifying is more than just clicking in the verified box !?!?



Could you please add the brewer name (Naparbier):



Are we 200% sure that they are the same, that Pasajes wasn’t changed for Beer52? Different descriptions, that one not mentioning vanilla at all… Could you (or someone please check with the brewery? :slight_smile:

I get the reference (2 names of the same city), but the description of the Beer52 one (Pasajes) along with the ABV change isn’t convincing me.

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Okay, cleared up all others, including those with fucked up names for Naparbier, Dos Dingos, Garage Beer, La Quince and Basqueland that were not mentioned as well. Thanks! :smiley:

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Yeah this is a rare case in which the beer was actually changed for Beer52, it seems (for whatever reason). The original (Pasaia) had adjuncts (coffee and chocolate by the sounds of it - I had it a long time ago) but Beer52’s version is just a trad porter. I don’t have a shot of the original Pasaia label handy, however I can show you a timestamp to this video review of beer52’s Pasajes version in which the guy shows the reverse of the label and the ingredients list has no mention of any adjuncts. Basqueland are generally very good at labelling what’s actually in their beers. So while not 100% sure I do believe these are actually different, as weird as that is.

Edit: here’s the Pasaia label. It used to have chocolate, cocoa powder and vanilla added.
They’re different beers now.