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Do’h. Had a brain fart. Should be Elusive/ Siren:

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This is a duplicate: of this


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This is called Wood for the Trees. Oops.

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Did I add this on as a Pale Ale. Or did an admin change it when they verified it… because the chalk board was confusing and it looks like this beer is a Pale Ale but that’s the Alfredo Winchester Pale Ale. It is an ESB, I checked after it was far darker than I expected:

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These two need to be merged.

1 Like should be a schwarzbier not a pilsner.

This one needs a space:

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I’ve just created this one, made a mess of the beer name, which should be Rigg & Furrow Gallop. Please can it be amended? Thanks

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This is a Pale Ale - Hazy:

This is a Pale Ale -Flavored (do not trust the blackboard at the bar, it specifies styles that differ from Sommar’s own website):

This is a Golden Ale:

This has dropped to 6.8%:

Should this beer not be under Molson Coors UK:

Brewed and packed by:
Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd. (‘MCBC’),
137 High Street,
Burton Upon Trent,
DE14 1JZ,

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Is this rateable?

I’d say no. The text on their website describes them producing natural wines with fruit added. Yes they’re adding perry pears but they’re not marketing it as a cider and as far as I know we don’t have any natural wines listed on Ratebeer.

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A while back I noticed people were adding ciders under Frederiksdal, which struck me as dodgy because they are all described as fruit wines. I note that they’ve all been deleted now:

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Some of the recent ratings here, where people are stating that it clearly isn’t a black IPA

should be moved to here (created a new entry because the beer is just a regular IPA now):

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Edited the old and the new entries, moved ratings. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I just added this beer but I forgot to include the beer name !!

It should be “Thornbridge / Tollgate In The Heart Of …”

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Got fixed by the verifying admin before I got to it. :smiley:

Question regarding Rutland Cider Co, on here as based in Leicestershire.

Now I get why that is, companies house has the directors registered address in Leicester. However that is clearly a mailing address only. The address on the bottles mirrors the Grainstore Brewery address where i suspect the cider is made. In addition the directors of Rutland Cider Co are also directors of Rutland Cider Co. Peter Atkinson & William Davis are directors of a few other companies, mostly with that mailing address in Leicester.

So can the address for Rutland Cider Co be moved to mirror the Grainstore Brewery address in Oakham, Rutland please?

Thanks, Simon

Probably not due to the crown. Just kidding, thoughts on this @Theydon_Bois.

We have verifying admins ?! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

This cider is actually called Rein ette d’Obry

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Added this before drinking it. Although it’s fair hazy, it’s not a hazy - it’s dry, clean and bitter - so should just be a normal IPA not a NEIPA.