Best of 2021

when are they coming? the most recent lists are still for 2020.

Don’t count on it

no best of 2021? i look forward to the lists every year. :frowning:

Maybe in April or August…

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The site is a zombie. Dead, but yet still moving. I wish we could get AB to sell it to RBians. So many people have worked so hard on this site. MJ for example. It’s sad.



well, the data is all here, could we decide what the best were ourselves? then there also could be more transparency around the algorithm, which some people have wanted.


hmm, i did finally get access to the API, but haven’t tried it out. i still wish they would do this for me. :slight_smile: i don’t need all the categories, i’d be happy with just:

Top 100:
New Beers
New Brewers

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