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According to the same guy, this place stopped brewing a couple of years ago after a change of ownership:



Visited Prairie Street Brewing in Rockford, IL recently and just got a six pack to go… I’m seeing that the brewery has changed from Rockford Brewing, but the place has not. Also some new beers have been added under the new name but a lot of the old beer names have not been changed… do they need to be? Some I changed as I rated, but others I’m not sure what our policy is on leaving them as is or changing them all to Prairie Street or what. Also the place needs changed.




Hi there! I have a few rather complex issues to sort with the listings for Gravity Brewing in Budapest. Firstly, there’s a duplicate listing here which just needs deletion: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/gravity-brewing-budapest/36437/

We already have a more complete listing with correct details here: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/gravity-brewing/35982/


As it happens, the duplicate listing (36437) also lists a phone number and business hours which actually reflect our partner bar – our pilot brewery is located inside Neked Csak Dezso Brewpub & Bistro, listed here: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/neked-csak-dezso/76038/

Neked Csak Dezso also has a brewery listing here: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/neked-csak-dezso/33821/

Gravity Brewing and Neked Csak Dezso are separate businesses run by different people, which share a physical location (Rakoczi ut 29). Gravity Brewing is a microbrewery, Neked Csak Dezso Brewpub & Bistro is a bar. Neked Csak Dezso (same people as the bar) is also a contract brewer with no connection to Gravity (they brew at Horizont, another Budapest brewery).

Sorry for all the confusion, and please let me know if anything needs clarification. My TL;DR suggestion would be: delete 36437, change 33821’s category to “Client Brewer”, and perhaps modify the listed associates on 76038 accordingly, to reflect that 33821 is a contract brewer (Dezso) rather than the on-site brewery (Gravity). You’ll know best though of course. Thanks very much!

P.s.: Sorry for the multipost; forum will only let me link twice per post.


Thanks for the info. I hope this is okay now. I’ve kept the NCD connected to the place, however as it seems the more logical thing, since the owners are the same. Shame more brewers can’t be connected to the same place, however, we need that feature (and I’ve suggested it right now).


That’s great, thanks very much for the corrections!


Holler Boys Brewery have changed their name to Holler Brewery and moved to a new site with tap in Brighton:



19-23 Elder Place




Added everything, changed what needed to be changed. Added a place and mapped it. Should be fine. :smiley:



Every UK brewery seems to be opening a tap so it’s annoying that a cloned place cannot then be edited.


Evil Genius is no longer a contract brewer and has a brick and mortar location:

See yelp page: https://m.yelp.com/biz/evil-genius-beer-company-philadelphia

Place should be added and made to associate with brewery.



But please, links are more helpful than pics, if they are doable for you. :slight_smile:


Ok. I will do links in the future.


Thought I’d drop this here as it’s easier then sending in a load of reports.

This brewery moved a few years ago and it’s beer range does not appear to have really ever been updated:


Two have been renamed:

Sixpenny Black

Sixpenny Special

Otherwise all the others below can be retired:



The website of this brewery:


is http://www.bakipraqa.com (no hyphen in the middle, q instead of g)


Perhaps there’s been a falling out but Fellows appears to have departed:



The latest UK brewery to rebrand after about a year.


Any idea how these guys should be set-up in the Database?:
Should their American beers, South African beers, and Icelandic beers all be listed under the same brewery as the UK (like they are now) or with separate entries?

I know in the US they are currently contract brewing 3 beers out of Captain Lawrence (American Pale Ale, IPA, and Craft Lager)


3 listings for the same client brewer with just 1 beer.

The top listing is most complete, keep this one.

The beer ratings from the listings below should be moved to the brewery, beer above, and the breweries should be deleted.


This looks like a duplication of the same brewery:




Looks like this brewery and it’s associated place are closed since 2016:

Brewery: https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/pizzeria-uno-chicago-grill-brewery/3411/
Place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/uno-chicago-grill-metuchen/1357/
Yelp link showing it closed: https://www.yelp.com/biz/uno-pizzeria-and-grill-metuchen
I also checked Uno’s website and they don’t list it as an exisiting location either.


What used to be Red Brick Brewing in Atlanta has changed to Atlanta Brewing Company and I don’t know how that’s handled… I believe they are keeping many of the same beers under ABC and I suspect they’re going to get added again if not changed… I no longer live in GA and don’t have the time or knowledge to sort it all out, but wanted to give a heads up.