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Pretty sure this isn’t a real brewery, it looks like the one beer they have listed is actually made by Great South Bay (where Mel’s IPA is already listed), and the brewer is just a burger spot that has a couple beers made for them with their branding by Great South Bay:



Another restaurant with a branded beer listed on here as a brewery:

I believe their beer is made for them by Middle Ages:


And while I’m at it, one more that’s not a brewery in NY:


Unclear, however, where “their” beer is made though, so the question is how to address that. No additional info on Untappd.


In the UK (and other countries) beers of unknown provenance are added to a blanket ‘Unknown Origin’ brewery. Is there a US/State version.



I assume this was related to Manhattan Proper? I agree with you, but isn’t it better to just not have it on here at all? I mean it’s probably just a rebranded Brooklyn lager or something, but for sure they aren’t a brewery.

I mean there’s probably 200 restaurants in NYC with a beer called XX restaurant lager or whatever, I would hate to see all of them on here as breweries…


Fair enough. Ideally, someone would ask the bar where their beer is made but I doubt I will ever go to this bar. I feel like an “unknown origin” is a good idea until we find out what they are aliased to.


This brewery has been added twice. The second version can be deleted I guess as no beer has been added to it but a number of amendments are required for the the top one.

I suspect that the address in Aveley is the origial address it was registered to.The actual address is:

Unit 42, Grainger Road Industrial Estate, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 5DD

Tel: 01702 742033


The website should be:

The brewery logo is wrong. Seems to have been taken from the .com website which is for another brewery that hasn’t started operating or something?


Was wondering why the 1887 Brew Room brewpub did not have an associated brewery despite a reference to it having it’s own brewery and then realised that it was this brewery. Apparently not brewing at the cafe but at the pub:




There ya go, all shiny and updated now:


Cheers ears.


This is what I do, if I can learn who brews the namesake beer at a place:



The brewer’s name in the nomenclature of these beers needs to be cleaned up:


I proposed deleted spontaneous and wild ales from the names of any of the beers…


Concerning Astra Beer from Hamburg, Germany.

Their beers are listed here:

and here:

The first brewery “Bavaria-St. Pauli” is actually closed since many years. In 2003 Holsten bought it, and closed the plant in Hopfenstr. There are now appartment houses on the site. All beers still active under this brewery should be moved to “Holsten-Brauerei (Carlsberg)”, where they are now brewed.
However, Holsten opened a new Astra micro-brewery at Reeperbahn in November 2018. (See here, in German: https://www.abendblatt.de/hamburg/article215746925/Astra-eroeffnet-Brauerei-auf-dem-Kiez.html). As it is an own brewplace, I think it should get an own listing.
Beers that are brewed here and currently listed under “Bavaria St. Pauli”:
Astra Honey Pepper Ale
Astra Inkasso IPA
Astra Keller Kalle
Astra Luden Lager
Astra Nachtschicht
Astra Stimulator
Astra Weizenbeisser

All other Astra still brewed at Holsten.


Thank you very much! I have added the brewpub and moved the beers. I’ll keep Bavaria St-Pauli in as a client brewer though since they still use the name on their webpage etc. All the beers are marked as brewed at Holsten though.



Please delete this brewery:


As there is no such brewery in Russia, and the beers already exist on the site (under the proper brewery entry).

The ratings go here:


@ardeo please search the database before adding new beers or breweries. Sibirskaya Korona isn’t exactly something rare. The admins have enough work as it is. Thanks.



Please clean up this brewery. The beer names are a mess.

Correct Name: NaturAle

New FB: https://www.facebook.com/geocraftbeer/

Beer Names: https://untappd.com/w/naturale-georgian-craft-brewery/301007/beer


I was in Melvin’s Thai Me Up brewpub in Jackson, WY, sitting with the founder, who mentioned Melvin was brewing in San Diego. This was news to me, so this morning I investigated and found inconsistencies in how the Melvin empire is treated on RB. If you go to the company’s website (https://melvinbrewing.com/), the “mothership” is their 30 barrel commercial brewery in Alpine, WY. That is where all the beers that get canned are brewed. The Melvin site lists three associated brewpubs in Jackson, WY, Bellingham, WA, and San Diego, CA. None of this is clear on the RB site. Currently, all their commercially produced beers (e.g., 2x4) are listed under the Jackson location. None are listed under the Alpine location. Nor are there any associated places listed under the Alpine location. But there are three associated places under the Jackson brewery: Thai Me Up in Jackson, the Alpine taproom and the Bellingham brewpub, but not the San Diego brewpub. Furthermore, if you search “Melvin” RB under brewers, the Alpine, Jackson and San Diego locations appear but not Bellingham. To be consistent with how Melvin views itself, the Alpine brewery should be treated as the main location with four associated places: the Alpine taproom, the Jackson brewpub, the San Diego brewpub, and the Bellingham brewpub. Since this is partially a “place” issue, I will post this to Marco as well.


Thanks for bringing this up!

Are you perchance in contact with the brewer? I’ve cleared up the San Diego place issue and added SD beers to SD, but we would need the brewery giving us info on what’s brewed specially where because right now it’s way beyond my free time to try and divine everything through ratings and the exceedingly low info online - especially for what’s brewed only at Bellingham and only at Jackson. Until we get that, we are stuck.


It would probably be fairly easy to determine which Melvin beers are brewed in Alpine and which in Jackson. I am not sure it matters, because they are both located in Wyoming. Does RB even have any consistent guidelines for a brewing group having multiple locations? For example, Oskar Blues has brewing locations in North Carolina and Texas, but RB shows only one brewer, the original mothership in Longmont CO. The NC and TX locations are listed as associated places with Longmont. All Oscar Blues beers are considered brewed in Colorado. On the other hand, Stone Brewing has several breweries listed: the original brewery in Escondido, and Satellites in San Diego, Napa, Richmond and Berlin. None of these are associated places with the mothership in Escondido and each has some beers showing as being brewed in their satellite brewery. Then we have Melvin. RB shows Melvin breweries in Alpine, Jackson and San Diego, but not in Bellingham. Meanwhile, the Jackson brewery shows the Alpine and Bellingham breweries as being associated places, but not San Diego. I am not sure what the answer is here. If RB wants the Stone model to be followed, then if you search “Melvin”, there should be four breweries: Alpine, Jackson, San Diego and Bellingham and each would have only one associate place - its own location.