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Well, yes and no - since I’m fairly from what I’ve seen sure that some of the location get beers brewed at other locations as well. San Diego at least certainly has new recipes of its own not brewed elsewhere - that’s why it’s separate. Can’t verify that for the others at first glance, since they mostly brand SD separately and lump the other ones together.

It’s several hours of manual search & fix I don’t have right now. If someone local can mail Melvin and save me the time, I can likely do the rest. Or if some more local admin can take this over entirely.


I can give you a list of beers brewed in Alpine. The rest of the ones listed under Jackson were brewed at the Jackson location, and don’t have many ratings.

FYI, I checked Dogfish Head. Their Rehobeth brewpub is listed as an associated place and not as a brewery. I tend to think this makes more sense than to list each brewpub as a separate brewery. If you or Sledutah or ? thinks this is the best route, then the Alpine location (which is referred to as the “Mothership” should be listed as the brewery, and the other locations as associated places. Cheers!


If you rank order Melvin beers by number of ratings, all the beers from 2x4 through Chuck Morris, plus Pilsgnar, are brewed and canned at the Alpine brewery. The rest were (are) brewed at Thai Me Up in Jackson. There may be some exceptions (i.e., some beers that are brewed but not canned in Alpine), but finding them would require a conversation with the brewer. If you want to get reassured and confused at the same time, check their website https://melvinbrewing.com/beers/


This brewery (True House) has been listed three times:




We should keep the one at the top. No need to list the city in the brewery title as it’s the only brewery in the database with this name.


Please add Saint Pierre and Miquelon to country list.
Now Brasserie Artisanale de l’Anse in France.



This brewery is now relocated to Stourbridge. See below, cut and pasted from their website

“Beat brewery began as the idea of one man’s daydreaming in corporate training days, which he turned into a reality. Created in Somerset the idea expanded over a couple of years to a point where demand had meant more time & investment was needed. In July 2018 Beat Brewery was purchased by Topcat Brewery Limited and relocated up the M5 and is now brewed in Lye situated in the heart of the West Midlands.”


I doubt that the site’s admins can add new countries.

Otherwise they would have made other country-related changes which have thus-far been ignored (renaming Swaziland to Eswatini and Nagorno-Karabakh to Artsakh, for example).


Autumn Brewing Co. entry has been updated incorrectly:

It was bought by Black Storm brewery so should now state brewery name as:
Autumn Brewing (Black Storm)

Address and website are:

8 East Cliff Road
Spectrum Business Park
Seaham, County Durham, SR7 7PS




Doesnt seem to exist anymore.