IP Brussels (11/19/11/25) ISO: Lambic FT: US Stouts/Sours/IPAs (Bottle Logic, H24, BCBS, Sara, ETC)

Hi, I’ll be visiting Brussels 11/19-25 and and hoping to set up some trades for while I’m there. I’d prefer to set up one or two larger trades, but if you have one of my main wants only I’m happy to make a meet up work. Anyway, here’s what I have and what I’m looking for.


Bottle Logic:

  • Fundamental Observation
  • Fundamental Summation
  • Iridium Flare

The Bruery:

  • PB & Thursday
  • Smoking Wood
  • Sucre
  • The Wanderer

Dark Horse:

  • BB Plead the 5th
  • Plead the 5th

De Garde:

  • The Marion
  • Chat D’Or


  • Parabola
  • Rye Double DBA
  • Stickee Monkee
  • Sucaba

Bourbon County:

  • '13 BCBW
  • '12 BCBS
  • '13 BCBS

Hangar 24:

  • Pugachev’s Cobra ('15 '16)
  • Pugachev Royale

Lost Abbey:

  • V015
  • DDG

Russian River:

  • Beatification B7/8
  • Toronado 30

Sante Adairius:

  • Appreciation
  • Cask 200
  • Cask Strawberry
  • Dutch Door
  • The Family You Choose
  • Southern Sunrise
  • West Ashley
  • Westly

Schramm’s Mead:

  • Black Agnes
  • Ginger

Dark Lord:

  • 2014
  • 2016
  • Quit Hitting Yourself (BA Dark Lord Variant)


  • Outside the Lines
  • IPAs

Miscellaneous Beers:

  • Hill Farmstead Anna
  • Alesmith Bourbon Barrel Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout
  • The Abyss


Main Wants:

  • '08 OGV
  • Armand 4 Seasons
  • Zenne
  • Cantillon One-offs or sporadic releases


  • Lou Pepes, Nath, Fou Foune, 50N
  • Bokkereyder
  • Other OGV’s
  • Golden Blend 750’s
  • 3F Hommage and Framboos
  • Fun things I overlooked!?!?!?!

Hi there,

I have nath, fou foune, lou pepe, golden blend, hommage and framboos. Also have tilquin pinot noir and other stuff. I’m interested in your bottle logic stuff, firestone parabola and sucaba, pugachev’s cobra/royale and bba vietnamese speedway stout.




Not sure if my PM worked or not. Let me know!

I can’t find your pm anywhere.

From this web page, click on the rate beer logo in the top left. Then on the next page click on your username in the top right corner, then on the next page in the top right there should be an envelope, click on that and it should lead you to private messages. It is really confusing because they have the site running on two platforms right now. It’s awful.

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