California Visit (SF, Santa Rosa, SD) July 14th to August 2nd

Hi there

My wife and i will be visiting California (SF, Santa Rosa, San Diego) late Juli for our summer vacation.

Flying into SF on saturday the 14th, and staying in the city for 5 days, the going up to Santa Rosa on friday the 20th for Russian River and more.

Driving south and into the mountains for a couple of days in the national parks and then hitting San Diego on Tuesday the 24th where we will stay until thursday the 2nd August.

Been looking at the place sections and think i got a pretty good idea of where to go beer wise.
But would love to hear any advise on new and upcoming places that might have gone under my radar.

Havent set any plans in stone yet, but doing our stay in SD we will be touring the Miramar area for breweries 1 day and also looking to do a trip to Tijuana for some beer and place ticking.

Would love any advise on places to go / not to go, beer, food, sightseeing wise.
Also if anyone want to meet up somewhere for a beer let me know.

Anyone wanna join us for the Tijuana tour would be great, more fun and maybe a bit of “safety in numbers” thing.

Not particularly looking for any trades, but if you need a specific Danish / European beer let me know and ill see what i can do.

Also posted in the Southren California Forum.