East of England as a region

Same as for East Midlands, this is just the total beers from across the counties. This includes Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Rates are only counted if you are in the top 50.

Place Rater Total Rates
1 Grumbo 2314
2 madmitch76 1832
3 fonefan 1790
4 imdownthepub 1768
5 mR_fr0g 1378
6 Theydon_Bois 1337
7 harrisoni 1262
8 Leighton 1075
9 cgarvieuk 1006
10 FatPhil 962
11 Beese 955
12 leaparsons 900
13 jjsint 881
14 maeib 876
15 DJMonarch 874
16 oh6gdx 806
17 Rune 796
18 chriso 790
19 Mr_Pink_152 778
20 SHIG 756
21 saxo 741
22 Rasmus40 729
23 allmyvinyl 692
24 ManVsBeer 671
25 AshtonMcCobb 641
26 Ungstrup 628
27 SilkTork 620
28 Fin 617
29 yespr 590
30 Finn 571
31 DruncanVeasey 553
32 Scopey 553
33 BlackHaddock 539
34 berkshirejohn 526
35 Stuu666 523
36 mr_h 490
37 hughie 479
38 downender 464
39 The_Osprey 442
40 Garrat 433

It might not be a surprise but @grumbo is top for this region. What are people top beers and/or breweries for the region?


These are my top breweries.

Brewery Beers Average
Crossover Blendery 7 4.14
Pastore Brewing 29 3.85
Burnt Mill 50 3.78
Little Earth Project 32 3.77
Baron Brewing 21 3.70

I have always struggled with some of the counties in this region. But Hertfordshire changed for me with Baron and Crossover. Baron, 9 in the fridge from Brewser. Crossover 1 x 750 in the fridge. I was keeping it for the Birmingham bottle share, but I most people had it at last years event.

Always like Burnt Mill and Little Earth Project.


My totals

Beds 33
Cambs 32
Essex 15
Herts 25
Norfolk 31
Suffolk 47
Total 183

More work required!

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I have 282.

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A solid 33rd place on the list.

Top beer is this: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/adnams-broadside-cask/32899/97853/ A well looked after pint of this is a joy to behold.

My two top breweries are:

Old Chimneys of Suffolk, then Elgoods, this is fine by me.

Greene King and Adnams are the most rated from those counties.


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I don’t really see Bedfordshire as east of England

Look at the map on wiki

Bedfordshire - Wikipedia

It’s dead centre and in terms of railway regional tickets was always in the ‘East Midlands Rover Ticket’ zone. I realise however that it gets Anglia TV, as did Wellingborough Northants, where I finished my schooling … so in that respect Northants is just as much East of England.

I also struggle with Hertfordshire in the bracket … It’s a home county, practically London.

Again check the map.

Hertfordshire - Wikipedia

That’s not to take away from your regular good work on these themes @Mr_Pink_152 … I personally don’t regard these two as East of England

@Mr_Pink_152 is using the official East of England region:

I think that there’s border counties in all the official regions which are debatable, but for our stat purposes it seems sensible to base it on the official ones.

For what it’s worth, my stats for this region are:

Beds 41
Cambs 29
Essex 25
Herts 63
Norfolk 57
Suffolk 139 (my 2nd most rated county).
Total 354

Closer to being in the list than I expected, although my main aim is to turn all the counties darkest blue.

My top rated beers from the region are surprisingly from the regional brewers - Adams/Stone Double IPA, and (very surprisingly) Greene King Strong Suffolk, both on 4.2.

My most rated brewer in the region is also Adams - I’ve always thought they’re the best of the old family brewers.

Top place - Beers of Europe. Visiting in person rather than using their clunky website. Despite being just a bid warehouse, it feels like a cathedral of beer, with people walking round in awe and talking in hushed voices!


Bloody hell @Theydon_Bois are you part of the Geography Police?



I’ve seen this before … just don’t agree with it on the two fronts I highlighted


As some that grew up in Hertfordshire, it was always Home Counties not the East of England.


I knew this would be a controversial one, due to points made by @Theydon_Bois. I am using the official UK regions and working clockwise (except Greater London, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as these are regions to themselves so are already listed on RB).

I am thinking of some grand summary at the end (still giving this some thought) unless the regions are to controversial. I will post the next one (South East) some time next week maybe the weekend. I fear this region may be equally as controversial as the East of England.


Like I said, the set shown in the wiki page posted above by Wheres The Path … may as well throw Northamptonshire in

I moved school by about 25 miles when I was 15 from a village south of Leicester to Wellingborough in Northants

Look at Wellingborough on a map

You can’t get much more central to England

We got crappy Anglia TV much to my dismay … it was dull as ditchwater compared to Central

6 o’clock news was just parochial nonsense about someone in Norwich whose cat was stuck up a tree … may as well have put Alan Partridge’s Mumbling at Midnight slot on !


Just waiting until everyone realises Oxfordshire is in the South East. :exploding_head:


Is Shropshire really in Wales?


may as well be

Very much the West Midlands @BlackHaddock

Quite an interesting one this, I now live on the Herts/Bucks/Grtr London boundary which is on the extreme SW corner of that map and there is absolutely no way I would consider it as the east of England (it’s more outer western suburbs of London). I can see some maps counting Herts as the east of England and some not. My TV is all London.

My Mum lives between Northampton and Milton Keynes and that area has Anglia TV, it’s almost no mans land around there, not east/south or Midlands.

I always go back to the 80’s Railrover zones that I used to travel about on when I was a kid

East Midlands rover was roughly bound by …

Doncaster - Peterborough (MAIN LINE)

Doncaster - Sheffield

Doncaster - Cleethorpes

Grantham - Notts - Skegness

Notts - Newark - Lincoln

Doncaster - Lincoln - Sleaford - Peterborough (OLD JOINT LINE)

Peterborough - Leicester - Nuneaton

Nuneaton - Northampton - Milton Keynes

Bedford - Leicester - Derby/Notts - Sheffield

Derby - Tamworth

The Cleethorpes / Skeg bit not really East Mids but the rest is how I tend view that region

Realise Sheffield also not E Mids but tied the zone together connectionally

Bedfordshire is in the Eastof England. It isn’t a home county. It isn’t in the Midlands. It’s not the proper south.

Bedfordshire is in the East because nobody else wants it. It’s the geographical version of a pity fuck.

Anyway with that nugget of wisdom I’ll sort my stats soon…

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Bedford could fit into all camps

I just view it as East Mids due to my railway history … It’s just not EAST enough for East of England