FAO UK Admins - Breweries/Places Housekeeping

Under UK rules this Home Bargains duplicate can presumably be nuked:


Well the guy keeps using it, look at the beers spotted. But you are right, it’s not allowed!


It’s only been there for over 10 years already

Thanks for sorting, didn’t realise before but that’s given me a new region. :grin:

Wonder how much it’s shaken up the leaderboard for Ayrshire?

I see that Home Bargains has hosted Clan Brewing beers recently… Has anyone seen them at any other Home Bargains? Could do with a Renfrewshire rate.

I ordered a 4-pack from Amazon. They were shit but it’s a region.


We should definitely nuke all places and change all styles from 10+ years ago that don’t fit todays standards. :roll_eyes:

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It shouldn’t have been added 10 years ago either, but 10.years without anyone spotting it sums up Ratbeer’s Places. To be fair, that one guy been busy adding his beers to it since 2012.

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To me, this is one of the annoying results of the RB policy of including the brewery name in the beer name. It could be listed better as Nostalgia Osorno with Beer52 as the contract brewer. :man_shrugging:

Leaving this for the UK admins to discuss.

I see no reason … Leave this up for a week in case anyone comes up with a reason

If not, I’ll merge

Agreed. Looks like an easy merge to me. Had a quick look on the Thomas Hardy website and only the “The Historical” versions change each year with different barrels, so no reason for a separate 2022 of the regular one.


We have a bit of inconsistency on this brewery


4 beers have had their name changed and dropped the ‘The’ from the beginning, the other 7 retain the ‘The’

This place, which is in Taff’s Well in Wales, is showing up on the map in Sydney…


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