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That’s a bugger, I still need a Renfrewshire rate.

Two Towns Down is probably your best bet:

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FAO Scottish Raters - someone go to Ayr and ask
@mr_h mr_h why he ticks so much stuff .5 it’s killing the scores on solid beers.


Thanks, I’ve looked at the individual brewers websites previously but I’d always rather get a whole mix of brewers rather than just one - especially as I’d like to get Lanarkshire (my other missing Scottish region) at the same time. I occasionally check the Scottish Real Ale Shop to see if they can do me both Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire at the same time but no joy so far…

Yeah, wow that’s very strange to score so many beers at 0.5

Hit a few pubs in Derby yesterday with my Dad and Pauline and thought that I should mention that the Derby Brewery Co. Taphouse has apparently been closed for a while now. Sadly the brewery went into administration last October.

On the positive side, we’ve been visiting two of our best friends, former next door neighbours and fellow Merton Beer Festival organisers Nick and Anna Helfrich. We pitched in with the local community to help them with some last minute works before they opened a combined restaurant, relocated Isle of Harris brewery and shop on Good Friday. This is brilliantly located at Leverburgh next to the slipway where the ferries to North Uist and Berneray arrive and depart four times a day.


This is doubtful. Derby Tap updated their entry on realalefinder only 3 days ago 1

I understand that Derby Tap and Greyhound are still trading but up for sale. Other Derby Brewing pubs have closed.

Ok fair point, then I stand corrected as I can see that there are some recent Google reviews, one from five days ago and one from a week ago plus others a month or so back. I was acting on the information that I’d heard from a Smithfield regular and also my dad a local who used it occasionally and walks past it en route to other venues, they clearly both understood it had closed. I would certainly double check if planning a visit as certainly looked closed and a bit sad and uncared for when we walked past it on Bank Holiday Monday.

Occured to me that Wild Weather are still listed as a Berkshire Brewery despite now being brewed in Wales. But it then occurred to me that I could not remember the last time I saw one of their beers. Looks like the move to Wales hasn’t helped… unless of course they’re going to become a brand when the existing company is unlisted:

This lot have changed name and address by the looks


They are now called Impact Brewing, even though they still commission beers.

These beers are the same, and the name of the beer is as per the second entry below with ‘of’ not ‘if’



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