FAO UK Admins - Breweries/Places Housekeeping

Cheers Chris … been busy the past few weeks so had no time for this. Will try and have a stab over this bank holiday weekend as not up to much.

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This UK brewery doesn’t have a region, it should be Greater London.



Also should be Marylebone, in respect of the part of Greater London, rather than London.

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Just a heads up. There are beers being released under the Wild River Brew Co name. These are in fact a brand of Bewdley Brewery as their ‘craft’ beers. Just another attempt to confuse the beer drinking customers.
The yellow site has it as a nano brewery, which is wrong, but they also loyally make each Beer52 fake brewery a new brewery too.

Is there a reason why Samlesbury is listed as a seperate brewery when it’s owned by AB InBev to brew their brands? There are no Samelsbury branded beers. Should he beers not just be listed under AB InBev UK?


I live 10 minutes from the brewery & it has always been known locally as “Samlesbury Brewery” since it was built by Whitbread but I have wondered myself in the past why it is listed here as that as it an AB:InBev brewery.

As far as I am aware they brew various AB:InBev beers some of which aren’t even listed under Samlesbury.

This is a very short history of the brewery Samlesbury Brewery

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Apologies admins. I have accidentally defied naming convention here:


Should be Furnace Brewpub All On The Board.

By the way what is the convention on capitalisation? I see most beer with all words in capitals (including small words like On and The) so I’ve been doing the same.

Edit: It is a great beer

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