Free Beer Contest VIII

Following on from my glorious use of Google and winning Fin’s prize I’d better come up with something. I have a can of Batch (AUS) India Black Ale for the winner, happy to post or bring to Cotts if the winner is going.

The Question is:- I work on the railway. What month and year did I first start?

Closest guess at 23.59 on Sunday 16th April wins the can.

I’m pretty sure I could get this … year for definite … month +/- 1 I reckon.

Anyhow … Daves already supplied this beer to my CDA stats so I’ll sit this one out.

April 1999

Feb 2001

Beermail me the details please Colin!

No, only joking mate.

Year of our Lord 1998 in the month of October.


We have a winner.

Congratulations to BlackHaddock - Actual answer is Feb 1998. You were the closest - just the 6 months out.

Special thanks to Danlo with 2001, makes me feel less old.

I’ll bring to Cotts or arrange a drop off in Wellington if it helps Mr Haddock!

I never win anything!

Thank you, I’ll take it off you at Cotts if that’s OK?

Now do we want another comp or it that it for 2018? I can start the ball rolling in the UK for 2019 if everyone would rather stop this years ‘Free Beer Week’.


Guess this needs to come to a conclusion eventually.

How about a bi-annual affair ?

Maybe you kick off the next one in October time Jeremy and we’ll let it run for 6 or 8 weeks until December?

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Being a Grimsby fan I get that not winning thing!

Not a problem, will bring it along for you.


OK, I am happy with that if everyone else is.

1st October is International Day of Older Persons (according to my diary), hope I don’t forget!


Just mark the comp up for that day on your Playboy Wall Calendar.


This year I went for a Noddy one.


Play boy is normally nuddy !

When I started this I didn’t realise it would roll over as much as it did. Really enjoyed both the donating and the attempting to win.

I have one other Isle of Wight Christmas beer that. Might end up at cotteridge to share with others who didn’t win.

Yes please!