Free Beer Quiz (UK Only)

I won the last Free beer quiz (cheers Dave Wingman) and promised to start a new one in October (because they had run their course earlier in the year).

One answer each. No cheating, must have six or more people playing before I tell you who the winner is.

As a lot of you know I support a pretty crap football team and have followed them all over the country when I have had the time and money. The question is ‘How many of the current 92 teams in the Football Leagues have I seen Grimsby Town play against away from home’?





Is the visits to these grounds for league games only Jeremy or are you counting cups?





Yes, cup games too.

I could have done every away game but it’s only the 92 present day league clubs; so Wrexham, Orient, Stockport, Barnet, Boston, Kidderminster, Aldershot and Halifax, etc, etc, can’t be allowed. Nor Wembley or the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.



73 for me

Grimsby Town? You chose the wrong club there, I guess 64.

I’ll guess the same as me - 69

You don’t choose your football club, it chooses you.


I will give it another couple of days and announce a winner on Thursday.

Who ever that is will hopefully carry on and produce another ‘Free Beer’ thread.


Unless you’re a Man U supporting parasite.

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That is true to some extent but not always, I know United and Liverpool fans from the London area who have absolutely no connection with those cities, I also know a hardened Real Madrid fan from Valencia who lives in London and has not connection to Madrid, they are the glory hunters. I support Spurs for my sins, they are relatively local to the area that I was born in and that I have lived in all my life. They also haven’t won a great deal in my lifetime so I’m not a glory hunter. In addition to this both sides of my family on my parents side are from north London.