German beer shortages

Could this be the start of a wider issue…?

BBC News - Germany beer bottle shortage: Industry warns of ‘tense’ situation


80% increase in glass bottles sounds nuts, but as it mentions in the article, with their system abit like what other countries have, and we have (PANT) hopefully people are more diligent in returning their bottles…

Glass bottles, which are common in Germany, are sold with a small deposit, and beer drinkers are expected to bring them back to the shop when getting their next round.

But the increasing cost of beer ingredients and transportation it mentions is a more difficult issue for sure.


Glass has gone way up here too. No easy way to recycle so much dead weight. Cider makers were complaining about it on Instagram, spit-balling starting their own internal recycling initiatives.

The German breweries have been losing bottles to various export markets for years, a 5 cent deposit only works for local drinkers, I like most Brits/Italians/Dutch/Americans, etc, etc, have been throwing them away for years, they’ve lost thousands.

I do have one publican near me who does take German bottles back (he doesn’t give you any money, but claims he is helping the environment). So he gets my various German bottles from on-line stores and supermarkets. I too want to help the planet!


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