Highest Score

When sorting the ratings of a beer by “Highest Score”, the 2-3 ratings with the lowest score does not show (yes, the users have more than 10 ratings each, and should count). WTF?

I thought something about that seemed off. You’re absolutely right. The first page of any beer when sorting the ratings by Highest Score only shows 7 ratings. This happens on literally ANY beer on the site. The second, third… and so on pages all show 10 ratings correctly.

This was the “pagination” issue raised and analysed several months ago. If you manually edit the URL and increment the page number, you’ll get to the bottom beers. e.g. page 18 of 17 can be found here: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/de-molen-omnipollo-sitis/494005/3/18/
and there’s also a page 19.

The problem is that there are only enough pages presented to cover the “real” ratings, but the “dont-count” ratings are also displayed, so inevitably some drop off the bottom.