IP AMS, Brussels, Paris FT: Side Project ISO Lambic

hi all,

looking to set up a trade mid february in any of the 3 cities.

FT I have side project:
La Ruche
SP/Jackie O’s Amis Pour Toujours
SP/Mikkeller SpontanFermier
Biere du Pays

looking for nath, fou, lpf, st lam

have other random stuff too. PM me if interested.

also open to shipping

I’m interested, could you PM me? I somehow can’t find the PM function on this new forum :expressionless:

i think you need to click the ratebeer logo in the upper left hand corner which will then take you to a different platform and you can see your messages from there

or click on the profile picture to go to the message recipient’s profile

Does bissel still brew Swish then? :wink:

I think it’s march unfortunately :confused: unless they make it earlier this year. Would love to meet up again! The

Their website seems to say until april. I would be able to throw some fou, Nath or stlam your way for a supply of swish, =)