IP: Brussels/ Amsterdam. FT: de Garde, Great Notion, Hair of the Dog. ISO: Lambic

Still working out my plans, but I’ll be in these cities around may 19 thru 27 and am looking to set up some trades. I’d prefer to set these up in Brussels. I have:
De Garde: the Rougess, Broken Truck #3(for harder wants)
Great Notion: I can get Double Stack plus whatever else is available around my travel dates.
HotD: cherry Adam vertical 08( first batch!) and 2012, 2012 Michael, a few Fred FTW and maybe a 2012 Matt( can check and verify), Putin and Maja.
Lost Abbey: batch 1 Duck Duck Gooze, Isabelle Proximus ( for harder wants)
I also have other vintage American stouts:
2006 and 2007 Deschutes The Abyss,Rye/Cognac Abyss
2008 Dark Lord.
2007 Bourbon County Stout (12oz)
Want some fresh IPAs? Let’s discuss over PM.

I’d love to get bottle(s) of
3F Zenne y Fontera, Oude Kriek Toast
Cantillon Carignan, Soleil de Minuit and other one-off fruit lambics
50N4E, Nath, Vigneronne, Lambic D’Aunis, Magic Lambic, and St. Lamvinus
I haven’t really followed the lambic scene the past 5 years, so if you have suggestions, I am open to ideas.