ISO: Bake Kujira FT: Cantillon, 3F, De Cam,

Preferably IP Belgium.

I’d like to offer some constructive feedback on your proposal: Bake Kujira is an incredibly rare beer in the hands of very few people who, in all likelihood, probably have a lot of “Cantillon, 3F, De Cam” so it might be worthwhile listing all the bottles you have especially if its one-offs or rarities which might catch someones eyes. In essence: Bake Kujira traders aren’t going to be sending you messages to find out what you have. (source: traded for a bottle a year ago and it was hard work)

Thanks. I’ll check if I can find something that might be of interest.
Or I’ll pester the guy I know that has the bottle, so I can drink his. :slight_smile:

You don’t name your beer after a mythical ghost whale if it’s easy to get. lol

Well… Then what about names like Reine De Pres, LH12, DonQ, …
It’s just a name :stuck_out_tongue:
Because if you hold any value to the name, drinking the stuff should not be a good experience :stuck_out_tongue: