ISO: Rare Lambic FT: 3F 50th ann, OGV02, Baie d'argousier,

3 Fonteinen 50th anniversary
3 Fonteinen vintage 2002
Cantillon baie d’argousier 750

Antidoot Libatie
Cantillon Crianza Helena
3 Fonteinen Blauw.
3 Fonteinen 1999
3 Fonteinen Roze
Dolle Brouwers SN05 or other old/rare vintages
Dolle Brouwers collector stuff
Pre 2006 Lou Pepe kriek or geuze
Hanssens magnum bottles
Hanssens Mead the geuze
Girardin Black Label pre 2006
Possibly other rare lambic

Ratio’s are depending on what bottles are in the trade, have a lot of other stuff to work with or multiples of some.

Shipping to/from Belgium

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Interested in snr10?

Not really, still have a few… thanks anyway!

Any interest in De Dolle Special Brouwsel 20th?

1975 Hanssens geuze?