Kenya - Mombasa


I will be spending some days in Kenya shortly some days in Nairobi and some days in Mombasa.

For Mombasa I do not find any places at all among places. Surprises me a little bit on such a big holiday destination.

Do anyone know any recommendation for beer places worth seeing there?

I think @trapped was in Kenya a few years ago, not sure what city. He can’t get on forums, so perhaps message him.

Thanks, I will msg him.
The only places in Kenya that I find under places are all Nairobi. Will try to visit at least 2 of them, but as I said I do not find any for Mombasa, and also the only breweries in Kenya are located around Nairobi too.
Will add a place in Mombasa if I find one that is worth adding.

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UT has some places in Mombasa. Mostly hotels and resorts…