Love for all the admins and full reviewers

You have been getting shit for a long period of time now. According to some people, you are only complaining and not being constructive. You have to deal with a non-functional website. But you still remain here, doing lots of admin work and putting in all those reviews. You guys are the sole reason Ratebeer is still (barely) alive.

We need to spread some more love and appreciation here! A big hug for everyone that adds to this site. You guys are awesome!


Well spoken words, the Admins are the only glue left that keep this place running.


Ik hou ook van jou hoor, Caesar!

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Buzzed early? :grinning:

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Thanks! AB Inbev and whoever else are really doing a great job of making RB an unpleasant, inconvenient experience, but no matter how many anti-rater changes, it’s still the place to be!