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Without Marko nothing would work out around here

To @Marko, the tirelessly active admin who helps out whenever possible and speaks truth when no one else dares. A person who is giving up his free time to make the user experience on here solid for others and actually takes the time to explain things and voice necessary feedback. :beers:

Cheers Marko, it really is much appreciated!

And of course, cheers to all your admin colleagues trying to work their head around these changes as well! Without you guys, this place wouldn’t be the same!


Many thanks, this really does mean a lot to me! :slight_smile: I try to do my best with the time I have. Can’t promise I’ll always be able, I was close to giving up several times, pressed with real life crap, but stuck, and some among the RB community helped me even personally, and they have my unending gratitude.

And as you said, I’m hardly the only one - numerous admins do their best to keep at least their areas as good as possible, some “fighting” against an enormous amount of new beers/breweries/work. We try to steer the site towards what it should be, speaking from frequent user’s perspectives.

With time and work, if some eyes and ears remain (or become) open, RB will be great again at some point. We just have to weather these months out!


He should be the Lifetime Admin of the Year, cheers Marko!


Marko is truely the admin MVP! You have all my gratitude for your amazing work. Please never give up!


Cheers Marko!

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I applaud herrklemann’s post. Indeed, Marko is the difference between Ratebeer and Untappd. If only the technical staff would support his work more, things would go even better here.


Cheers to that!

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A fantastic guy indeed. Cheers for all your hard work!

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@caesar laat ze maar lullen, je blijft mijn lievelings.

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Many thanks to Marko and all other admins!


I agree with wendywilson123, the epithelial cells make Marko great!


Long live all admins and their great job! Cheers Marko🍺

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But, frankly: What have ABInBev done for RateBeer? Do they really appreciate the hard work admins are doing to keep RB alive and still relevant??


Epic-heriocal cells is what he’s suffering from.

She had to give it away. :frowning:

Admin contributions are definitely greatly appreciated. There should be no question!

We’re moving closer to improving interface designs based on feedback from Marko and others. Stay noisy my friends! I appreciate all the love for the site and the community we serve. Together we’ve built something amazing and the help we’ve received as investments from InBev are definitely getting us to a place that I simply couldn’t do any other way.

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Fuck Marko!

JK. I don’t know whether we’ve ever interacted, but I’ll take the word of many people here that I know and respect. Cheers to Marko and all the admins!

PS I’m not dead… yet.