Phantasm and the like - has it been decided that this is/ does not mean flavoured?

Phantasm is a powder made from (presumably discarded) Kiwi Sav Blanc grape skins. It’s showing up in a fair few beers, mainly hazy hoppy types of things. There’s a tag. From the tag list it appears they have been added as IPA (etc) and not IPA -flavoured. Has there been a decision taken to that effect?

I can see it both ways - these beers seem mostly to have “normal” Kiwi hop flavours, but then again “normal” stouts can have coffee, chocolate, berry and/ or nut flavours but we still call them flavoured/ pastry if those are used as ingredients.

There are other such products too - ‘Kohia Nelson’ is a Nelson Sauvin and passionfruit botanical blend featured here also as an unflavoured NEIPA. This Garage Project one has terpene (no tag for that I can see). There may well be others I can’t recall.

Are we letting them all through as unflavoured? Tagging them?

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Huh, yeah, that’s a tough one. I can see the “flavored” argument, but I’m not sure it’s treated by brewers as such somehow. Basically more like a “hop product” even though Phantasm really isn’t.

I think that for now since we didn’t add them as flavored that we should continue doing so (we would basically be fighting a flood otherwise potentially).

Let’s keep on tagging them with Phantasm (and Kohia Nelson etc.), if we decide to change things around, easiest to move in bulk like that I guess.

PS. There is a tag for thiolised as well. :slight_smile: