Question about Corsendonk

Picked up a bottle of “Corsendonk Pater Dubbel Ale” today. Abv is 6.5%. Is this the same beer as I thought their 6.5% Dubbel was tap only…

Any ideas? Tried to check but Corsendonk’s website won’t open for me.

Strange but 7.5% seems current.

The 7.5% is available in 20L kegs, 750 ml bottles and 11.2 oz bottles

Which links to the 7.5% on ratebeer

Or maybe the latest version is 6.5?

Corsendonk pater has always been available on bottle as well, so should be the same.

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It isn’t that weird for ABV’s to switch around for Belgian beers a bit & too see the website show something else than the bottles, who knows how often they update it.

It is this beer which has indeed always been bottle:

This is the one that draft only:

However I would not be shocked if both are the same beer.

Thanks for the help!

Well, with the “regular” bottled version now being 6.5% as well, I think it would make total sense to merge them?


RB says that main difference is refermentation on top of ABV. If this is the case they can be different like cask & bottle etc. entries.