Rome For the Next Month

I’m currently studying in Rome for the next month. I was hoping to bring back some rarer BA stouts (primarily Italian), sours (Cantillon etc.) and Westy 12 back to the US. Any suggestions where I should start looking. Thanks for your help.

I can’t give specific tips, but do start out going through the places section for Rome.

Look at places on here, find them on social media, their websites, and you can probably get a good feel about their offerings. And then: visit them all!

Thanks! I’ve been to Rome in the past and am fairly familiar with the bar scene, but have never sought out beers to bring back. I wish I brought some stuff from the US with me to share.

I’ve only been there a decade ago (jeez that makes me feel old!) and back then, all beer was good beer, simply because I was finally old enough to order it. But I see people writing that they had interesting beer X at bar Y in Rome, so it feels like there’s a decent scene.

You can filter for bottle shops on the beer map, for example, and look at how close or far they are from you:

Have fun hunting beers!

You should try Les Vignerones

Where do you come from? Maybe you could try trading for the beers you’re looking for.

Stopped there the other day. Great selection of stuff, but some of the Cantillon stuff sure have a hefty price tag.

How hefty? Can’t remember prices during my visit.
There is also one bar where I’ve seen couple of bottles, if I remember correctly prices there were in range 25-35€.

They weren’t on the shelf, but I was told they were in the 60 euro range…this was, however, for bottles ilke Fou Foune and Lou Pepe. Things like Iris, Gueze, Rose, I’m pretty sure are in the range you mentioned.