The Sunday (née Tuesday) Stat Attack no.21 - Sweden (13th March 2022)

Sweden is my 4th highest rated country with a total of 1457 ticks across 167 Swedish Breweries
Now that the previous ever changing covid restrictions have been lifted between us I am planning to get back to the regular quick 30min trips across the bridge to Malmö which has an excellent beer scene.

Malmö Brewing holds my highest amount of rates and really like their Brewpub there so looking forward to getting back, and the other 4 below make up the rest of my most rated Swedish breweries…

Name Type Beer Count My Count Est.
Malmö Brewing Co
Malmö Brewpub/Brewery 592 164 2010
Sundbyberg Microbrewery 431 109 2011
Göteborg Brewpub/Brewery 305 89 2013
Helsingborg Microbrewery 339 77 2014
Landskrona Microbrewery 226 69 2012

My top beers are…


Sweden is my 10th highest rated country with 207 beers, including a number of ciders, from 49 different breweries in 14 out of 21 regions.

My top ten seems to be dominated by Omnipollo, which paints me as a right old fanboy, but actually in recent years I’ve avoided the brewery in favour of other producers.

I’ve always looked forward to visiting Sweden, and like the general feel of the place even though areas of the major cities (Malmo, Stockholm, Goteborg) can be quite rough in parts.

Only visited once during my RB years on a Scandi city hop break in 2015. We flew in to Stockholm just after New Year to find all the bars completely empty, as in no one at all. Very odd, but apparently normal just after New Year. Hit up some of the main bars, there was a Bishops Arms near our hotel which I quite liked for an English-style pub. Surprised to see most of the customers drinking macro lager rather than sampling the craft. Oliver Twist was decent, was a shock to see Salopian on cask, brewed a few miles from my house. Akkurrat was unfortunately closed when we walked past. Monk’s Cafe had an insane bottle selection, probably the best I’ve ever seen for any bar, and an insane tap list to match, a shame to see they appear to have closed down.

Had a nice pizza at Omnipollo’s Hat, despite the rude service. Didn’t make it out to any others, think we ended up getting some beers from Systembolaget and chilling in our hotel.

Prior to this visit I travelled all over the country, furthest North being Umea where I almost got arrested (we had just bought 3.5% beers from a gas station and the guy I was with put his beers down to take a leak, splitting a can and spraying beer everywhere as he held it up. Cue a local old man on his bike reporting us to police for tagging the bus shelter and us being stopped and questioned for half an hour in Umea town centre. Still, police saw the funny side and we found out the policewoman went to school with the singer of the band we’d seen the day before - Dennis Lyxzen of International Noise Conspiracy / Refused.

Another memorable trip was getting a flight over to catch Breach reform for one show only at the Debaser in Stockholm. Amazing show. Caught a taxi to the airport after the show and flew straight back.

Got into Snuss through travelling in Sweden and touring with a couple of Swedish bands. Only lasted a year though, bit messy and got weird looks for my swollen top lip. There’s also a great Volvo museum in Goteborg I killed time in before catching a ferry.

Hope to return again one day!


I’ve been to Sweden just the once, back in 1999. I got the ferry over from Copenhagen for a couple of weeks. I remember when on a bus to Ystad which broke down being astonished by I was the only person on board who didn’t pull out a mobile phone. Other highlights was the Lund hostel in train carriages, visiting stunning Stockholm & exploring the island of Gotland.

I’ve rated 7 beers, from 7 different breweries. Averaging 3.39 and covering 6 of the 21 regions.
Top -
\ 7x7 My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Stigbergets Amazing Haze 4.1 3.93 8/2/2020
Elmeleven Another Earth 3.7 3.27 12/21/2021
Omnipollo Zodiak IPA 3.6 3.66 3/6/2022

I certainly would be keen for a re visit, especially as my wife has not been yet. Perhaps to Gothenburg & it’s coastal islands.


I spent five weeks in Sweden in the summer of 1996, but that was way before RateBeer and probably before I was into beer at all. It’s a great country and well worth a visit.

It’s my ninth most rated country at 42 rates. Not bad going but I’ve not really engaged with many of the craft breweries in the country. My top-rated breweries are Omnipollo (16), Gotlands Bryggeri (5), and Carlsberg Sverige, Spendrups and Dugges with 3 each. Must do better (but the beer is so damn expensive!) Omnipollo is one of my favourite breweries and has the 7th highest average of any of my rated breweries at 3.8.

I have six Swedish beers that broke the 4.0 mark, so that’s one in 7 and not a bad ratio:

I’ve only sampled beer from 7 out of the 21 regions as well, with the largest share from Stockholm (at 18). I really need to try more stuff!