West Bank (Palestine)

Posted in the old forum but thought I would try again to see if anyone has any recent gen on the West Bank.

Planning to visit the breweries in Bir Zeit & Taybeh but any tips for shops in the West Bank that might stock anything unusual would be great (I know this is unlikely).


Thought I’d post in case anyone comes across this in the future.

I’ve rated the Taybeh and Birzeit breweries in Places so for full details check those out. On balance I’d say Taybeh is better to visit but if you have time it’s worth getting to both as it’s likely the only place you’ll see the full range of beers they have available. Both are a short journey from Ramallah that is easily done by shared taxi.

Taybeh had IPA, Golden, White, Amber, Dark and Non-Alcoholic

Birzeit had Amber, Blonde, Stout and their seasonal Winter Ale.

Taybeh has also opened a winery which is worth a visit too, did a wine tasting there for around £10 per person, generous pours.

Elsewhere beer was more readily available than I recall it being. Loads of booze shops in Bethlehem and one place I went had a few European beers available (nothing too exciting - Duvel, Leffe etc.)

The Banksy hotel in Bethlehem ‘The Walled Off Hotel’ serves a beer from the one-man Wise Men Choice brewery, which I didn’t see anywhere else at all.