West Midlands as a Region

Next up we have the West Midlands region. This region includes: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire.

As with the other regions I have just added up each persons rates in the counties top 50.

Place Rater Beers
1 imdownthepub 2422
2 BlackHaddock 1455
3 minutemat 1322
4 jmgreenuk 1285
5 fonefan 1212
6 tommann 1189
7 DruncanVeasey 1143
8 Theydon_Bois 1137
9 DJMonarch 1133
10 Grumbo 1077
11 leaparsons 987
12 ManVsBeer 964
13 danlo 927
14 harrisoni 894
15 downender 868
16 Fin 864
17 RichTheVillan 826
18 mR_fr0g 818
19 SarkyNorthener 795
20 cgarvieuk 792
21 johndoughty 783
22 Rasmus40 713
23 saxo 709
24 47574xeCD 662
25 dragnet101 660
26 Leighton 612
27 Mr_Pink_152 610
28 maeib 581
29 madmitch76 559
30 berkshirejohn 553
31 Rune 514
32 AshtonMcCobb 442
33 DanielBrown 442
34 chriso 441
35 mr_h 440
36 Finn 433
37 jjsint 425
38 oh6gdx 413
39 deanso 402
40 allmyvinyl 399

What are peoples beer totals, best brewers, general thoughts?


Just off the chart, mainly as I only focused on West Midlands and Herefordshire from this region:

West Midlands Average Count
West Midlands 3.51 144
Herefordshire 3.47 88
Shropshire 3.26 28
Staffordshire 3.23 38
Worcestershire 3.21 33
Warwickshire 3.15 27
Total 358

Not a region of the country that has much of interest to me, with a few exceptions of course, so I’m well outside the top 40. Each of my averages for these counties is below my overall average score given on RB which gives an idea to the lack of quality in the region. Not helped by a lot of macro shite in fairness.

County Average Count
Herefordshire 3.63 42
West Midlands 3.69 36
Shropshire 3.73 23
Warwickshire 3.55 8
Staffordshire 2.41 7
Worcestershire 3.25 2
Total 118

Herefordshire - All Odyssey plus random ciders I’ve had. I can’t even remember the last time I had a beer from Odyssey though, they seemed to disappear around covid and have little to no small pack distro now?
West Midlands - some decent breweries here, Glasshouse the definite standout for me
Shropshire - Salopian innit
Warwickshire - basically just Purity, nothing exciting here
Staffordshire - macro shite. They haven’t discovered craft beer yet.
Worcestershire - hardly anything here but Nothing Bound are a brewery I’m keeping an eye on. Only had the 1 from them so far but also had a couple of collabs that were nice.


Shropshire is home to me and is still stuck (mostly) in the 70’s, as is the whole of the West Midlands and I like that. Happy to be surrounded by well kept cask ales rather than cloudy orange peel and custard smoothies at stupid prices.

Drink local and support your area, says me here in California ticking what ever I find!



No real surprise I’m a long way from the top 40 here.

Herefordshire 30
Shropshire 18
Staffordshire 21
Warwickshire 16
West Midlands 37
Worcestershire 51

Total 173

I’ve concentrated on Worcestershire as relatively easy to get on the Top 50 board. Had a few nice Nothing Bound beers, their hazy pales & IPAs are worth seeking out. Herefordshire pretty much equals cider for me, although I do enjoy Wye Valley beers on cask. Shropshire apart from Salopian seems fairly twiggy, same for Staffs apart from the macro tat. Warwickshire = Aldi own brand tackle, some Purity plus Hogans Cider. West Midlands unsurprisingly has the most eclectic offerings, a decent mix of trad & craft.

My top rated breweries/cideries (minimum 5 rates, not too many qualifiers):

Olivers Cider (6) 3.80
Nothing Bound (11) 3.77
Wye Valley (6) 3.45
Copper Beech (6) 3.42
Salopian (6) 3.37


Shropshire 488
Herefordshire 365
West Midlands 217
Staffordshire 110
Worcestershire 92
Warwickshire 50

My neck of the woods this. Doubt I’ll make another leaderboard.

I used to say years ago that another brewery will emerge out of Shropshire to challenge Salopian’s crown and produce an excellent array of modern styles, but it hasn’t happened just yet. Just when you see another brewery starting, they’re either plain awful (New Brew, St Annes) or produce bland trad cask (Noble Craft). A few have succumbed to difficult trading conditions (Woods, Battlefield, Evolution, Hop & Stagger) but the stalwarts such as Hobsons and Joules remain strong. Stonehouse have started to produce some fantastic hazy IPAs of late, alongside some fresh sessionable cask. Their brewery is well worth a visit too, great pizzas / BBQ in a nice setting amongst their own apple orchard, quite often the owner will come out and drink with customers at the end of the day.

Herefordshire is dominated by cideries such as the always excellent Olivers. My top-rated brewery is Odyssey, who have been top drawer since their inception in the back of the Beer in Hand micropub. Wye Valley seem like they have the will to follow in the steps of Salopian and Stonehouse to break free from traditional styles, but their IPAs have not quite hit the mark, rarely hitting above a 3.3 / 3.4. Their Dorothy Goodbody Imperial stout however was pretty special.

West Midlands, unsurprisingly, hosts the most breweries for this region. I’d have to say Glasshouse are my current stand-out, definitely the most consistent. Always have a soft spot for the black country greats such as Bathams and Sarah Hughes, but nothing else standing out for me.

My Warwickshire rates seem to be dominated by Hogans and Purity, both of which I’ve warmed to more over the years - in fact, the last few cans I’ve picked up from Purity have been excellent.

Worcestershire is a mixed bag - I was always hugely impressed by Lab Culture so it’s a shame they didn’t last long. Nothing Bound seem very Deya influenced, decent from what ive tried, though does seem to be the same hazy IPA released every time. Bewdley are a great trad brewer.

Lastly Staffordshire. My highest ratings are from Halfpenny Green, an excellent cider maker. Titanic are always worth a half but rarely get the juices flowing. Trinity seem to be ones to watch in terms of hoppy beers - but produced two polarising rates - one at 4.4 one at 0.9!


Since I’m in the Top 50 for Four of these counties (only Herefordshire and Warwickshire missing), I’m very disappointed not to be in the Top 40 for the region.

Staffordshire 143
West Midlands 103
Shropshire 79
Worcestershire 18
Warwickshire 9
Herefordshire 8

Total 360


Some awesome breweries in the region and way too many to mention, but Glasshouse, Attic and Nothing Bound stand out.

Glasshouse have been consistent for a while. Attic only more recently, but they have got their act together now. Nothing Bound keep doing what they do and very well.

A nod too to Sommar and Fixed Wheel.


Looks to me like a lot of my West Mids rates are quantity over quality, although there’s loads of goodies to have over the region.

West Midlands 3.33 157
Staffordshire 3.19 136
Shropshire 3.36 61
Herefordshire 3.36 49
Warwickshire 3.18 46
Worcestershire 3.24 25

The best-rated breweries, by and large, have few jjsint rates. Salopian being the big exception.

The most-rated are:

Salopian Brewery Hadnall, Shropshire 35
Tower Brewery Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire 28
Sommar Brewing Company Birmingham, West Midlands 19
Titanic Brewery (UK) Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 19
Twisted Barrel Ale Coventry, West Midlands 18

My Tower rates are all Hoskins Bros (Ale Wagon) beers… if these get moved then Tower would fall out & be replaced by Banks’s at 15. Whoopee.

I’d expect Sommar to skyrocket due to the new-ish bar in Leicester.


Staffordshire 77
West Midlands 37
Shropshire 19
Worcestershire 8
Warwickshire 17
Herefordshire 11
Total 166.
Titanic and Burton Bridge seem to dominate my Staffs stats. Obviously, I need to find more Salopian ale. In other news, Drank my 100th Italian beer in Mestre yesterday and it was only 34 degrees C outside.


Must be my first time on a list like this!

West Mids 416 (Dig Brew have sadly gone kaput so Glasshouse are probably best although its close as I think that Attic Brew and New Invention are a little underrated. Sommar have upped their game over the last 12 months now they don’t serve beers at freezing cold temperatures. Fownes have very characterful cask and bottled beer options and offer something different. Green Duck cask is decent with a few odd poor ones but more surprisingly the craft cans I’ve had have been very nice indeed. I have been impressed with Leviathan but they are quite small and haven’t had one of theirs for a while. Twisted Barrel are good and consistent, but I find they lack any wow factor. Fixed Wheel know how to brew a dark beer but their pales are hit and miss.)

Warwickshire 121 (to be honest there is a lot of Aldi rates here but take those away and I still squeeze into the to top 50 for the region. Purity are still the best option here.)

Herefordshire 69 (mostly cider rates in truth. I’ve only had one Oliver’s cider but it tops my list. I’ve yet to even try an Odyssey beer)

Worcestershire 54 (Nothing Bound are a good. Bewdley and Hop Shed are good traditional style bottled breweries.)

Staffordshire 52 (The fact that Marston’s Owd Rodger tops my list of beers here is not a good sign for me or the region’s breweries)

Shropshire 29 (Salopian are the best of the breweries I’ve tried. Always been disappointed with Hobsons.)


These are my top breweries for the area

Brewery Region Rates Average
Odyssey Brew Co Hereforshire 29 3.81
Leviathan Brewing West Midlands 5 3.78
Glasshouse Beer Co West Midlands 20 3.65

213 in total - so over 50% from West Midlands:

Region Ticks
Herefordshire 34
Shropshire 15
Staffordshire 21
Warwickshire 23
West Midlands 113
Worcestershire 7
Only two breweries in double digits:
Glasshouse 15
Banks’s 10

OK, I live in Shropshire and am top of the leader board, @minutat also local and second on the board: 537 and 489 respectively, only need 39 beers to join the counties top 50 raters.

The others:
West Midlands: 11th with 320.
Staffordshire: 5th with 277.
Herefordshire: 19th with 123.
Warwickshire: 9th with 135.
Worcestershire: 13th with 74.

Highest beers:

Most beers from breweries:
Salopian 102.
Rowton 53.
Marston’s and Banks’s both on 44.
Wye Valley 43.

Highest rated breweries:
Silhill; https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/silhill-brewery/12783/
Burning Soul; https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/burning-soul-brewing-company/28833/
Titanic; https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/titanic-brewery-uk/1037/

Strange top three, but shows my love of twigs and trying to embrace new wave craft stuff (Burning Soul).

Top places:

On another note I would like to shout out for people to consider a weekend (or longer) trip to the West Midlands in general and Shropshire in particular, we still have proper pubs around here and the prices are still low compared to most areas of the UK.