Adding flight box to places

Thought I’d bring this up again as it seems an easy add. Why don’t we add a box for “sells flights or tasters” to the places listing? I remember some people took issue with this but can’t remember why… Adding more info seems like a good thing no matter what, even if some places in some countries don’t do this much…


I’d love it. Also I think it’s irrelevant if some countries places don’t do this sort of thing. Such a selfish argument against it. Btw it was joe himself who brought this up

We overwhelmingly voted yes 80%+ that time but nothing was done. How high do we need to get it before anything changes? Full 100%? If so nothing is ever gonna change :confused:

I think some of the disagreement came because of the terminology being unclear (US vs the rest of the world once again) which led some people to vote no even though they wanted the functionality.

ahh shit, I totally missed that one. Well I guess we can assume they are working on it then. Sweet.

Whether or not a place sells flights is easy to discern, but what is a “taster”? Most bars/brewpubs I frequent don’t offer flights but are happy to offer small portions (a shot glass’ worth, roughly) before you make a commitment. There are also plenty of places I know that sell 15cl portions; is that a taster?

I support the addition of flights to places, but I think getting into whether or not a place sells ‘tasters’ is really subjective.

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ya, I know what you mean. Taster could either mean the 4oz portion lots of places sell or a free sip. Maybe “Taster/flights for sale” would be the right language @adamnowek

Yep this is exactly the terminology confusion that came up last time. At least in the UK if I’ve ever asked for a taster it’s literally been just 1 sip for free, probably a shot’s worth, and it’s assumed your intent is to purchase a proper measure of that or another beer. Apparently in the US it can vary from place to place which is where people had an issue with this.

Flights on the other hand are almost always thirds or half pint measures and always paid for.


I’ve never seen beers for sale in a smaller measure than 15cl (4oz is roughly 11cl), so there’s definitely some cultural differences that something like this would have to deal with. Whether or not a place serves flights (which implies that, even if the sizes available in a flight can be purchased individually, you’re getting a deal by going with the flight) would be the option that’s probably most meaningful on both sides of the pond.

This is really useful information to have, not just for rampant tickers but for solo travelers and sometimes even pairs, if you want to try more than a small number of beers/locales. There seems to be a great deal of risk in getting bogged down in the details so perhaps a wise approach is to consider what the most broadly useful piece of information would be.

To me, that’s not whether you get a financial deal from going with a set of samplers (a flight), especially since flights are sometimes pre-specified and do not always include the more “interesting” offerings. It is whether or not you can order a smaller pour than is typically considered a regular serving, which in Europe could usually mean smaller than 20 cl. Maybe it could be whether or not you can purchase any (or most) beers in a serving size of 15cl/5oz or smaller (as 4oz is not unheard of in NA)? Smaller than 20cl? Something in this range would tell the reader “I can go to this place alone and try several beers I want, even of higher ABV, without getting comprehensively hammered”. Others may disagree, this is just my proposal!

These are all easy problems to deal with. A question of correct editing of the phrase you use rather than the concept overall.

Terminology could be:

Flights/half pints/samples available for sale
or just
Half pints/samples for sale

Exactly. Basically when I travel I want to go tick mongering around and try as many new beers as possible in a given city. It helps enormously to know which bars are down with this.