Feature request: faving place reviews, beer ratings

Not sure if this has been covered in the wake of recent overhauls, but:
besides the mutual thumbs-upmanship and ladwankery on the forum, I haven’t seen any Thumbs Up features added to the actual bread&butter core business of this site: the actual individual place reviews and beer ratings as entered by its volunteer member base.

When preparing local beertravls, I often find myself returning to RBians who’ve specialised in a certain areas (e.g. @3fourths on Oberpfalz, @pivnizub et al on Franconia, @joeindahlem on Belgium and Berlin) or just generally put a lot of effort/work in crafting or researching a fine place/beer review. Besides bookmarking them somehow, I’d like to commend them for it by thumbing them up and setting them apart from those whose place reviews generally read “We needed to be here, because ticktick”.

As long as this RB realm is still a universe for the non-remunerated & merely enthused, I believe there should be a honour code, not only towards fellow members and the site itself, but towards brewers and regional beer culture as well, to gradually step away from the bromaniacal air/funk that hovers over some of these pages, as opposed to BA’s.

Maybe even make these faves count towards “place/beer” rating of the year, so no-one needs to bronominate any “peer” reviews.


I was just thinking yesterday that it would be great to have a way to vote for reviews you find useful. Maybe if a review gets enough useful votes (or thumbs up), its score could be weighted more? Or maybe the no-goodniks would find a way to game that.


RIP RB forums, BA thinking man’s forums here we come…