Aslin Beer Co. is Moving

Hello fellow Aslin Beer lovers! The Aslin Beer Co. Team wanted to give everyone an update on Aslin Beer’s progress towards a tasting room. Some of this news we understand will be frustrating, but most of this is exciting!

First, we would like to thank all of our customers and supporters through this longer than expected transition period Tasting room to no tasting room and then a long pause can be very frustrating. Believe us, we understand.

But, hold on to your seats! We have some exciting news! Aslin Beer Co has officially signed a lease for our new production facility! It will be located at 847 South Pickett St, Alexandria, VA. This new site will house a larger brew house, barrel program, 3500 sqft tasting room, private event space, and become Aslin HQ! We are excited for this new venture and will keep everyone update on an expected opening date as it gets closer.

So, what does this mean for the downtown Herndon project and OG Aslin?

This news does not mean the Herndon project is getting tossed out. Without going into too much detail we have had numerous issues with this site. The building and property we have purchased in Herndon is in pretty rough shape. We’ve had structural issues that require special attention before continuing construction. We believe we are almost complete with these issues and should see some positive progress in the coming weeks. We will slowly transition out of OG Aslin once the Alexandria location is up and running. There is no definitive timetable on the opening of the Herndon tasting room, as there are a lot of factors that are out of our control, and will update you all as more comes to light.

Lastly, our pop-up beer garden is coming to a close. The beer garden has been very successful thanks to our customers, Washington National fan’s, tourists and the community. We will be operating the beer garden through the remainder of the regular season! Once the beer garden is closed we are hoping to be able to offer a variety of pop-up concepts in D.C., Northern Virginia, and possibly Richmond, Charlottesville, & the Hampton Roads area.

We realize this is a lot of stuff! Hopefully, you guys and gals can stick with us through the last few road blocks and we will make it worth the wait!

Aslin Beer Co. Team

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Aslin is going to open a location where they will brew, and will slowly transition out of the original location.

For those of us in the know, this is NOT the “cursed” S Picket location that formerly housed Shenandoah Brewing Company and Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse. It’s also not the location that Portner Brewhouse was in.

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Where was that pop up beer garden?

Right across the street from Nationals Stadium.

Between Aslin and Port City, Alexandria is an up and coming craft beer town!