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My colleague who subscribes has been off work with a severe reoccurrence of gout so paused his subscription. Otherwise was going to offer to take the Finish ones I hadn’t had off his hands.

Just cracked this:


It’s the small cans I’m suspicious of. I’ve had two of them before and they were in 440ml cans.

All the cans are 330ml but there is no mention of Beer 52 or de Proef on any of them.


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Is Hermes delivery service the best they could do. This is their idea of leaving in a secure place.

The story on that Sori label isn’t the whole truth. Sori was initially founded by 3 Finns, two business/marketting, one biochemist. Great biochemist. I’m not sure why he left but I’m pleased to say he stayed in Estonia and that he now works at Pohjala (where has the most high-tech lab of any small brewer in the region). They’re still making great beers, as they have a couple of absolutely outstanding brewers. It looks like you’ve only got beers from their regular range, rather than any of their specials, but I hope you enjoy them. They have one of the best barrel ageing projects in the Baltics too, so those are ones to look out for in particular.


I had to finish with ‘The Sunday Times Wine Club’ because the delivery driver couldn’t read ‘DO NOT LEAVE IN PORCH’ and ‘LEAVE WITH A NEIGHBOUR’; which I had written on the wine boxes.


Ordered the Helsinki/Tallinn box as it was P+P only. Had three of them already* but still £1 a bottle/can.

*Annoyingly that only leaves me with the one Finland tick as there’s that Scotland/Finland collab.

Decembers box arrived a bit early; all Scottish.


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Think all new for me this month.

The Old Engine Oil is an old friend, but the other 11 are all new rates for me; no complaints here.

They will also put me on the cusp of Scotland’s Top 50 Raters List once I have them all.


For anyone that does not already subscribe to this and wanted to, the weekly FYP Crystal Palace FC podcast I listen to advertised this week a offer for them that gives you extra free beers when you join if its of use to anyone… https://www.beer52.com/fyp

Think Hermes has damaged another box. My delivery has been delayed since 11th. This will make 2 of last 3 boxes not delivered in a timely manner.

I’m waiting for a box from Hermes which is apparently too big so has had to be transferred to one of their specialist couriers. That is a new one.

When I talked to beer52 rep last time he said they are notorious for not delivering damaged boxes and giving the company or customer an update. This might be my last month of club. I don’t need to call beer52 every other month to figure out where my beer is.

The box I forgot to cancel was delivered by a woman in a Vauxhall Cavalier so if they’re using random people as opposed to full time staff I can see why they may have extra issues.

As the next pack has French and Slovenian beers I changed the delivery address to my office.

(Although I note that the beer I am currently enjoying is available for £1.39 at Aldi… which ties in with the theory that Beer52 buy beers at supermarkets).

Nobody is driving a Vauxhall Cavalier to make deliveries. Absolutely nobody. Except in your head.

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Before I respond is it the use of a car or the model of the car that you object to?

Because I can’t be certain of the model on the footage. My parents’ Fiesta is obscuring the woman’s car.

But the photo in this article from a few years ago - a red Vauxhall again! - is better.

:laughing::laughing: Well it’s definitely a Vauxhall, but it’s definitely not a Cavalier. They stopped making those donks ago. I had one. It was dogshit brown and permanently stank of petrol. Worst car I’ve ever owned. And I’ve had some bad cars!

And I wasn’t objecting to anything, other than the scientific impossibility of a Vauxhall Cavalier being used by someone in the business of getting from one place to another!

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