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2021 Beer52 and other subscription sites

Hi Guys, as promised a new thread for subscription sites. Happy New Year!

My Beer52 package arrived today with 11 Aussie beers and 1 from Siren. Only two new breweries for me, but all 12 are new beers and the 11 from Melbourne will push my Victoria total to 20, so not unhappy at all.


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Still waiting for mine, they took my money before 23rd Dec but just got confirmation that its on its way this morning. Disappointed that there is a Siren beer shoved in with it if that’s the case.

How fresh are those Aussie beers ? They have Canned on or best before?

Canned in Oct, but most have a BBD not a packaged one.


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The Siren is a ‘bit Australian’ according to the labelling blurb.

No mention of it in the magazine, but there is a Gipsy Hill collab in the write-up’s.


Mine came yesterday and it included the Siren / Sailor’s Grave / Arizona Wilderness Out Too Far. Denied me a new brewery there unfortunately but will pick up 5 others and 11 Victoria ratings, so happy enough. Intrigued by what they mean by the next delivery and the Chouffe clue. Should get round to drinking the Aussie beers by mid Jan I reckon.

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The name of the Feb Beer52 box seems to have changed from “Support our brewers” to " We Love Our Breweries". I was also intrigued by the mention of Chouffe - maybe not the UK box I assumed?

Whereabouts on the website did you get this information from ?

If you’re logged into the Beer52 website, the subscription page shows you details of the next box you’ll be getting. If you’re still due the January box, the subscription page will show you the Melbourne box coming next. If you’ve already had the Melbourne one, or (like me) are on a two monthly subscription and therefore missing the January one, it’ll show you the details of the Feb box - at present the only details available are the name that I showed above.

I think the mention of Chouffe was in the magazine that came with he Melbourne box (but as I said I didn’t get that so I’m just requoting other people on that bit.

Obviously with the current situation we may get a completely different box anyway, but it’s always vaguely entertaining to try and work it out from the hints on the website & in the mag!

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Whjat subscription page ? When I go to www.beer52.com it automatically gives me something called Dashboard. OK. I’ve found it now - hardly intuitive …

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My To Øl January beer box ordered and paid for, but slight delay due to brexit. The new HMRC rules mean tax is paid at the point of sale in which ever country that is rather than at the point of import. I think.

Basically any small business wanting to export to the uk now need to register and pay tax in the UK. I think.

Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.

The one time I don’t get subs, really wanted that Siren beer.

Well @SHIG, I wanted that bloody Sailor’s Grave beer, would have been a new brewery for me!


Apart from a couple of half price forays into the Mikkeller Beer Mail sub I’ve never bothered with subs as I generally prefer to have control over what I’m ordering particularly with what they cost.

However, I have just taken a punt on the Wales Ales sub which is hand delivered for free in s. Wales and costs 15 quid for 6 beers a month. Seems like superb value to me particularly as they also allow you to swap out beers you don’t fancy for any others they have in stock.


I think I got a message yesterday to say my Melbourne box had shipped.

Apparently my January To Øl box has been dispatched. I not sure when it will arrive and if i will get a billed from customs.

I would be interested to hear what happens when it arrives as I have held off ordering from any of my regular UK beer websites until things settled down.

If things remain volatile, I suspect that my UK ratings, UK county stats and favourite UK breweries are going to come to a grinding halt which will be very sad.

My son had a 10 can box delivered yesterday and he had the ‘Out Too Deep’ from Sailors Grave, the only different one from my 12. I’ve stolen it of course!

So I do get 12 new rates from Victoria, as well as the Siren one.



I don’t see this helping me get the Siren rate, lol! I’ve searched and it seems you may have received the last one in the UK.


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