Best Breweries in South Dakota

I will be making a cross-country road trip this summer, and since after years of hunting I have not been able to find a beer from South Dakota I’m going to go out of my way and drive through that state. Any suggestions on which brewery (or breweries) are worth my time?

There are beers from South Dakota…?

I stopped at Crow Peak which was on my way at time and it’s a good spot. But kinda out of your way if your going east west.

If you’re going to the far Western end, then my favorites in the Rapid City / Spearfish area were Hay Camp, Lost Cabin and Sawyer.

I had flown into Rapid City when I went but had zero time to check out any of those spots. Shame

I’ve looked at flying into Sioux Falls from John Wayne, but never actually done it. 8 Breweries listed there on RateBeer. I am interested in the answers you get, it might make me visit for a few days next time I’m in the US.


A great friend is now living in Rapid City…I wonder if its A) possible B) easy for him and C) cheap to send a box full of local beer from there to Spain.
I have never received beer from the States so I have zero info.

Expensive or cheap is a relative term, but the numbers I know were 60$ or 80$ Boston to Europe for 4 packs of cans. 1x bomber + 2 small bottles from Boston were 100$.

Was told shipping 7 bottles + 3 cans + some merch from Chicago to Croatia is 500$ which sounds crazy, but not impossible.

Have contacts all over US, but shipping is the tricky part. And customs and possibility of losing the parcel.

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It would be easier and cheaper if my friend includes a couple of cans in his luggage next time he comes back to Spain.

Hey @Cybercat, you been yet? What did you find?


I haven’t made my trip yet - will be there in early July.

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Message @Travlr he’ll know for sure, he was based there for a bit. Or at least had his PO box there. Last I checked he couldn’t log into forums though, so beer mail him