Des Moines

Wife is going to Des Moines. She likes beer. She wants to go to some breweries. Any suggestions other than what RB places would tell you or yelp? Also, I like beer and want her to bring stuff. Any good places to get cans or bottles or breweries with an extensive selection?

It’s yelp but it sounds pretty promising.

And I suggest you and your wife be on the phone when she’s in whatever beer place - she tells you what she sees, and you frantically look up the beer and say please or no thanks. It’s worked for me and my daughter a few times.

El Bait has 222(!) beers on tap, with a lot of locals. There were 45 sours on when I went. It is definitely worth a stop.

Iowa tap room is a killer spot as well, with 120(!) Iowa beers on tap.

Each really easy to get to, close, central ect.

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Sadly mansquito won’t be there. :rofl:

They can’t possibly keep 200+ taps fresh can they?

Hire a line cleaning company for the delivery system. As for fresh, kegs are just big super carbonated cans. Does fresh have any meaning for refrigerated kegs?

Nope, but my wife will take on all 200 taps.

Definitely vouch for El Bait Shop. That could be a couple full nights.

Confluence Brewing is good, and has Ratebeer connections. @jcwattsrugger